Electrostatic Flocking

JamesFL aka OOAK Zoo, the wonderfully talented re-paint artist, posted this image and information about electrostatic doll head flocking.

This is what James wrote:
Here's a pic of my GI Joe that I had custom flocked by Ray Cairo of Flock Concepts, he's a master at electrostatic flocking (the fibers stand on end like a brush)...this is not the shake n' bake style of flocking (which actually looks more like felt). I've asked him if he would flock the 16" girls and guys and he said he would, so you just need to contact him with your ideas. He can also do a shorter velvet type flock like on the vintage Kens. He doesn't work with rooted hair so if the head you want flocked has rooted hair you'll probably have to pull it all out first. He can also mix short and long flock fibers, for example shorter on the sides and longer on top for a sort of flat top look.
I've seen electrostatic flocking in action when Alain Tremblay did a workshop at the last Gene convention in Philadelphia a few years ago.  I posted a picture of my flocked head Trent previously on this blog but here it is again.
 It's a great look for some dolls and if you wish to learn more about this process or have someone do this for one of your dolls, check out these links. 




Funny Face: A Woman Who Thinks

This doll arrived with a big clump of hair sticking up out of her "do." Needless to say, I was not happy.  The hair had to be re-glued. I used a product called got-2-B-Glued.  A little dab goes a long way but getting it to dry before the hair popped back up required a hair dryer.

By that time I decided she wasn't going to stay in my collection as I did not care for the styling of her hair. I have had most of the Anjas created and have never kept one. She is a pretty doll but she looks a lot like many of the other dolls in my 12" collection and so she was voted off the island.
I did keep the lovely yellow gown and it's accompanying hat. Both will need a little steaming to smooth out the creases but I do like the fashion.


Funny Face "Let's Kiss and Make Up Gift Set"

I was very happy to be able to purchase this gift set which features the second version of the Vanessa sculpt on a Poppy Parker body. The doll is the prettiest of all the Funny Face dolls in my opinion. Sadly, she was given the awkward Poppy body with the awkward Poppy ankles.

Because I basically cut the lower legs out of the picture, all you see is a beautiful doll in the next two pictures.

Compare this one which shows both ankles and feet.  She will be getting a different body.
Anyway, this outfit is a lovely, well fitting dress. It's so cute that the hat has flowers inside. I did not spend any time trying to get the leatherette pot holder gloves on. Such a shame, really, as a nicely made stretchy glove would have enhanced the fashion.

In the promotional photos, the dress/coat ensemble is pretty well hidden by the mini-wookie dog and the coat the doll is holding. Sadly, without any cover-up, the outfit is ill-fitting. The sheath isn't too bad on it's own.
But the coat is pretty horrendous. I know how to dress my dolls and I could not get this coat to lay properly.

Speaking of the "dog,"
I think it was run over. Poor thing. It has no depth! How strange.

I may be using the third outfit in a photo shoot elsewhere so I'm not going to show it in it's entirety here. It looks pretty much as it appears in the promotional photos. The hat is different but it's cute.

The faux mink can be seen in the prior post. The Think Pink doll is wearing it. I like the coat. It fits well.

I'm disappointed that all the gloves and Poppy shoes will go unused by me.

Funny Face: Think Pink

Like all Integrity Toy's premium dolls, Think Pink arrived nicely packaged and presented in the box. All the Funny Face boxes are pink inside with pink stands.
Think Pink Mini Gift Set
Description from the W Club posting:
In "Think Pink", lead character Maggie Prescott, Fashion Editor extraordinaire, is out to lay new fashion ground for her ever demanding readers and fashion lovers all over the world. As she starts exploring fashion trends to create a bold new look for the next issue of her fashion magazine, she and her "oh so fashionable" assistants break into this most visually stunning musical number... Totally convincing us to THINK PINK! The Think Pink dressed doll mini-gift set represents one of Maggie's fashionably pink clad assistants!

"Think Pink" is a 12" fully articulated vinyl doll with rooted hair and hand-applied eyelashes featuring the FR: Monogram body (with Victoire Roux legs) and the Imogen head sculpt standing in for one of the dancers in the "Think Pink" musical number. The mini-gift set includes two complete looks from the "Think Pink" musical number in FUNNY FACE. The first look in the set is composed of a two-piece bright pink business suit with a white pill-box hat, short gloves and matching shoes, while the second show-stopping look is composed of a pink satin two-piece gown with a transformable pink fur peplum that turns into a cape, just like the one in the movie! Pink opera length gloves, bright pink satin shoes and a jewelry set complete this look. It also includes an alternate set of hands, a doll stand and a certificate of authenticity. For adult collectors 14 years and up.
The promotional photos, posted elsewhere on this blog, accurately represent the contents of the set.
This doll reminds me so much of the Lana Turner Hollywood Royalty dolls from a few years ago.
The necklace is composed of clear crystal beads. Her earrings are rhinestone studs which is a little odd as they usually relate to the other jewelry the doll is provided with. The faux fur is very soft and pretty. I couldn't get it to look quite like IT's cape photo but I like it anyway.
The fabrics are lovely and the fashion is constructed nicely although there is a fit issue with the day dress. The bodice is too large and there's a great deal of excess fabric. In addition, the thickness of the fabric plus the seam allowances and lining, create a hill on her shoulders.
I tried the dress on a regular Fashion Royalty body, below, and although the bust took up some of the slack, it was still too large.
When the jacket is put on the doll, the shoulder line slopes downward and makes most of her neck disappear.
I tried very briefly to put her long gloves on and met with resistance. I do not have patience for gloves like that so her hands and forearms remain bare. She also comes with wrist length leatherette gloves. They met with the same fate as the long ones.
Cute shoes.
Happily for me, she does not have the Poppy Parker leg. I will be harvesting her body for one of my Jo Stockton figures.

Think Mink

Funny Face "Take the Picture"

Today I began to photograph the dolls I purchased from the new Funny Face line.
First, "Take the Picture." This doll has the original Vanessa sculpt and uses the Poppy Parker body

 The construction of the doll's fashion is very good.
Her necklace is a very nice, intricate piece of doll jewelry.
They made Vanessa look like some other character with the way she is screened. That doesn't please me but she is worth keeping. I may have her eyes repainted.

I detest the Poppy Parker leg. The ankle looks deformed. There is no way to make the Poppy leg look graceful. She is always pigeon-toed and flat-footed looking. It's not cute.

Coming: Reviews of "Think Pink" and the "Let's Kiss and Make Up" Gift Set.