Funny Face "Let's Kiss and Make Up Gift Set"

I was very happy to be able to purchase this gift set which features the second version of the Vanessa sculpt on a Poppy Parker body. The doll is the prettiest of all the Funny Face dolls in my opinion. Sadly, she was given the awkward Poppy body with the awkward Poppy ankles.

Because I basically cut the lower legs out of the picture, all you see is a beautiful doll in the next two pictures.

Compare this one which shows both ankles and feet.  She will be getting a different body.
Anyway, this outfit is a lovely, well fitting dress. It's so cute that the hat has flowers inside. I did not spend any time trying to get the leatherette pot holder gloves on. Such a shame, really, as a nicely made stretchy glove would have enhanced the fashion.

In the promotional photos, the dress/coat ensemble is pretty well hidden by the mini-wookie dog and the coat the doll is holding. Sadly, without any cover-up, the outfit is ill-fitting. The sheath isn't too bad on it's own.
But the coat is pretty horrendous. I know how to dress my dolls and I could not get this coat to lay properly.

Speaking of the "dog,"
I think it was run over. Poor thing. It has no depth! How strange.

I may be using the third outfit in a photo shoot elsewhere so I'm not going to show it in it's entirety here. It looks pretty much as it appears in the promotional photos. The hat is different but it's cute.

The faux mink can be seen in the prior post. The Think Pink doll is wearing it. I like the coat. It fits well.

I'm disappointed that all the gloves and Poppy shoes will go unused by me.


  1. I was wondering how you liked her. I was pleasantly surprised to like the dress she came wearing as the IT photos didn't do it justice. She is very pretty. I also like the fur. I've never unboxed, posed my Poppies, so never really noticed the awkward looking feet until now. I'm thinking of selling her.


  2. I agree that she is probably the prettiest, with Bonjour Paris being the next most attractive, which seems to match colletor opinion, if the pre-orders are any indication.

    For the ankle/shoe problem - I may be incorrect, but I thought some of the Holly Golightly dolls have the kitten heel foot without the wacky ankle joint?

    I do wish IT would include a second pair of hands for using with gloves for the retro dolls. The fun posed hands are cute, but lousy for the retro dolls that need gloves. Of course, the trade off would be higher prices or we'd lose some cute accessory.

    1. I did not have any of the Holly dolls so I'm not familiar with their body. Hands specifically for gloves is a very good idea.

  3. I do see what you mean about the ankle/ foot problem. Wonder if a molded "kitten heel" leg would have been a better bet.

    The coat needs shaping- looks like pressing/ steaming is in order, which is pretty tedious, even for 16" girls. But, if you have the patience, give it a try.

    As for the gloves,try water as a lubricant (I found this out with the "leather" gloves for IT Gene). If a dark color, don't forget to do the cold water/ vinegar rinse to prevent stains. Water also works for knit stretch gloves as well.

    1. Are you saying I should wet the gloves and then try to get them on? I never heard that one before!

    2. Yep!!! That's what I'm saying!!! Started this with Tonner's gloves, and it worked for IT Gene's as well!!

  4. Susanf/Ohnoh2/21/13, 6:09 PM

    Just deboxed this doll. I'm a huge Audrey H. fangirl, so it's thrilling to have the Sabrina and now FF re-creations in addition to the Mattel dolls. I tried the tannish dress and coat on audrey and it looks ok to me.
    Re: gloves. I removed the hands and put the gloves on. You can't tell! Of course she can't hold anything, but should be ok for photos.

    Anyone who doesn't like the PP body, pls. SELL them to the rest of us. And the shoes!