Comical and Colorful Dr. Seuss

I was able to get two of the three Tonner Dr. Seuss fashions. They're colorful and outrageous. If you stare at them for too long, your eyes will hurt. :-)


Three BJDs Get Camera Time

In between decorating for the holidays and ordering stuff on-line I managed to get some picture taking done...finally!

First up is Jamieshow Alejandro. I need a really cool wig for him but for now, he's bald and still looks pretty good. He is my only male BJD and probably will always be the only one. His jacket and jeans are Jamieshow items as are the shoes.  I might need another outfit or two...

Next...Domina. This doll is just gorgeous. She is wearing Rosa Gloriosa, a SybMonde exclusive fashion. I have de-wigged all of my Sybarites but Domina is staying original. I think she is just perfect.

Last we have Neurotica. She is wearing Meeow. I forgot the name of the wig but it was a gift from a lovely friend in Portugal.
Meeow is a very strange and wonderful outfit but doesn't fit the new body perfectly. I think that in parts, it will be better than all together as it is now. The sweater has to go.


Barbie Adores Adam Lambert

I saw this a few minutes ago on Rebecca Berry's blog, Inside the Fashion Doll Studio, and had to share it here.

Barbie® Adores Adam Lambert

This doll is called "Barbie Adores Adam Lambert" and is up for auction on Charitybuzz.
Here is the text that describes the doll:
This show-stopping, spot-on likeness of Grammy-nominated Adam Lambert is the ultimate fan must-have! You’ll definitely want this original-one-of-kind “Trespassing” in your collection! Inspired by Adam’s performance with Queen at London’s Hammersmith Apollo, Mattel designer Carlyle Nuera meticulously recreated every detail of Adam’s concert look, right down to the spiked epaulettes on his leather jacket! Yes, Adam doll is wearing a real leather jacket; leather-look pants, gloves and boots are all rock-star worthy!

The Adam Lambert doll features a hand-painted face in Adam’s likeness and his signature tousled hairstyle. His mic is fully embellished with Swarovski crystals.

Your original one-of-a-kind collectible comes with a certificate of authenticity, a rockin’ display case, the bejeweled mic and mic stand shown.

Designed by Mattel designer Carlyle Nuera.
Terms: In condition as donated. Additional shipping charges may apply based upon the location of the winner. Cannot be returned or exchanged. Cannot be resold or re-auctioned.
Shipping and Handling The minimum shipping, handling and applicable insurance for this item is $39.95. Additional shipping charges may apply based upon the location of the winner. Hard copies of tickets, travel certificates and merchandise are shipped via FedEx or professional shipping service. Detailed redemption information for non-tangible items will be emailed to the winning bidder.
Donated by: Mattel
There are several Barbie themed auctions - not all of them are items I'd want in my collection.
For example:

Barbie™ Locks of Light Chandelier by Chris March

"Turn your home into a dream house with this truly one-of-a-kind chandelier. It was originally hand-crafted for the real-life Barbie™ Dream House 50th anniversary event in Malibu.

Designed by Project Runway finalist Chris March, the chandelier is made from flowing locks of Barbie hair and yes, it really works! "

Dimensions: 26” x 32”
About Charitybuzz

Seen on Facebook

Posted on Facebook by Mel Parker-Reeves:

The full version of "Taurus" by Cholo Ayuyao, wig by Patta Art, doll of course by Paul Pham. (repaint by ToyZoo...James in FL)


Jamieshow Holiday Collection

The centerpiece of the collection that Angelic Dreamz debuted today is the character Ginny as "Revelry." LE50  $475.00 She is available for pre-order and is expected to ship in December.
Ginny makes her debut as our Holiday 2012 doll Revelry. Dressed in red silk charmeuse.  Dress designed by Madeline Rose Couture.  With a new red bee-hive rooted wig cap and red bowed fabric shoes. This Ginny comes with hooked hands that are interchangeable but fixed.  Replacement and alternate hands are available in the Angelica Skin Tone and new style pop off hands are available and sold separately.

The furniture collection: a spectacular sofa, a chair and a gold coffee table.

The four wig caps are bee hive style in different colors.

Click HERE to go to Angelic Dreamz Holiday 2012 Collection


Sybarites and a Lazy Photographer

I'm the lazy one. Here are three of my girls with their stands showing. I am so back-logged with my picture taking, I just don't have the patience to do a whole thing with each shot.

Toxica, Talc and Geometry wearing Venetian, Summer and Basique Deux.
The pink and green wigs are from Sour Grapes. The Blonde wig is from Champ Pac.

Something Old and Something Even Older

I first saw Tonner's version of Marvel's Black Cat character figure at the store in Kingston. She was masked and I didn't look further. A few months later I saw her without the mask and I knew I had to have her. This doll is just gorgeous and I adore the Breathless head sculpt. She arrived last week. I plan to restyle her hair and redress her in something elegant.

A doll that I have wanted for years has finally joined the tribe. She is "Ghost of Christmas Future," the most popular of the three re-imagined Christmas Carol character figures from Tonner. I am so happy to finally have her. I was fortunate to get one whose owner never removed the protective body plastic so she is just like a new doll in spite of the fact that she was released in 2003! Here is the link to Tonner's archived page describing the three doll set:
Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol Collection

Each of the three ghosts used a different sculpt. Future's is the Emilie head sculpt.