Sybarites and a Lazy Photographer

I'm the lazy one. Here are three of my girls with their stands showing. I am so back-logged with my picture taking, I just don't have the patience to do a whole thing with each shot.

Toxica, Talc and Geometry wearing Venetian, Summer and Basique Deux.
The pink and green wigs are from Sour Grapes. The Blonde wig is from Champ Pac.


  1. They look like a trio of Lady Gagas :-)

  2. Your Subs are gorgeous =) I love their wardrobe!! You must have zillions of outfits ^_^

  3. LOL, good thing you decided to hastily and publicly assure any watchers that YOU were the lazy one, rather than your Sybs. Those girls cop QUITE an attitude if anyone misspeaks about them!