Gene's Final Curtain Call ~ Part I

Last night I dressed two of my Gene dolls in fashions recently acquired. They are waiting to be photographed and I visualized them looking over their shoulders as they retreated from the front of a stage on the last night of their performance.
In a few days I will have begun to attend my first and last Gene Marshall convention. There, amongst the 400 or so attendees, I may be in the minority because I have not been a "real" Gene collector. I was aware of Gene, of course, during her Ashton-Drake years but never veered away from my Tonner collections until getting involved with Integrity Toys' Fashion Royalty dolls. Prior to that, I had purchased a basic Gene and a dressed Gene and that was it.
Simply Gene

Perfect Match Gene with Tiny Kitty

During my early Tonner collecting days, the Gene fashions I purchased disappointed me because they usually did not fit Tyler. Obviously I knew very little about that line. I did buy the wonderful furniture and accessories like the gazebo, the the patio set, the dresser, the swan bed, the clothing rack with wooden hangers and several room dividers. Fabulous items every one of them.

Tyler Wearing "A Shorts Story" Gene Outfit

In February 2007 Integrity Toys held an event at FAO Schwarz in NYC. That was the first time I met Mel Odom. Gene had been picked up by IT and the line was on display at the store. I had not begun my second round with the 16" dolls yet. That Gene was "Suited To A T. " The doll reminded me so much of my mother when she was young. At the time, Mom was in the final stages of Alzheimer's Disease. That was February. I couldn't get the doll out of my mind and decided to ask my husband to get her for me as a holiday gift that December, which he did. My mother died that month. I photographed that doll endlessly and began buying Gene fashions which led to buying Gene dolls which led to more and more. I bought Ashton-Drake Gene and IT Gene dolls and fashions and had a ball. I discovered another huge group of collectors who were so very different from the Fashion Royalty crowd.

She's been a wonderful doll—hair still perfect; eyelashes attached and she's still (sort of) smiling. STaT has been on the pages of FDQ!
That's my Gene story. Why do I say that I'm not a "real" Gene collector? I say that because I am not emotionally attached to the doll as so many are. Gene has been the force that has brought thousands of collectors together and has cemented their friendships. Gene has been a business for some of the very talented as well. Most of the hard core Gene collectors are film buffs and I am not. So I dabbled and I played and I am about to rub shoulders with the cognoscenti. I'm excited.

In my next installment on this topic, I will post my favorite Gene photographs.


Ridiculous Auction Statement of the Moment

The seller is describing an outfit from an early Fashion Royalty doll which is faux leather. This is what she says:

Therefore is in very good condition, apart from a few minor scuff marks, which are - one at the bottom of the jacket, one on the trousers, also there is a minor, hard to see discolouring on the back side of one of trousers leg. I tried to captured these minor flaws with my camera.

Since when do scuff marks and discoloration equal good condition?


LIV Dolls Dance to Single Ladies

This made me laugh and I like it better than the human version.
The author put a lot of work into this!
So fun!!!

Integrity Toys' "Spring Forward" Eugenia Doll

The W Club 2010 Upgrade Fashion Royalty Doll "Spring Forward" has shipped. Eugenia has a gorgeous sculpt and the screening on this version is unusual. Her lips are pale peach and she's wearing bright turquoise eyeshadow. Her eyebrows are a light reddish brown which is the same color as her hair - beautiful colors that definitely work together.I like the look with the sunglasses as the turquoise (even though it's a beautiful color) is overwhelming and makes her eyes look squinty.
The outfit is young and adorable. I love the light yellow blouse with the ruffle layered collar that flutters up and down. Beautiful construction. The skirt hems are serged and as there are threads that are sticking out of the stitching. They can be carefully trimmed. The belt and the shoes are the complete the ensemble. The shoes are drop dead gorgeous. They pick up the three colors of the outfit exactly and have shiny silver platforms and heels. Jewelry is rhinestone studs.
Her hair has been left basically unstyled and straight. I'm looking forward to seeing how collectors restyle her.

Integrity Toys' Freeze Frame Avantguard Doll

The new W Club exclusive Avantguard doll, Freeze Frame, has shipped with a surprise in store for collectors. I am pleased to report that the knee joint has been redesigned. A little detail like the blushing is continued onto the joint as well. It it much more attractive and stable than the original. This was an important issue to address as the 'floppiness' of the AG body detracts from it's fun. This particular doll has a modest amount of play under her bust and in the hips but seems to be improved overall.
FF has the closed mouth sculpt with a soft palette. The eyeshadow crease was another surprise; it is glittered! I absolutely didn't expect that. The wig has the GaGa hair bow but needs trimming. I plan to shorten it considerably. It fits perfectly and goes on easily.The outfit - while it's not my taste for a doll like this it is made very well. The fabric on the white mini dress is lovely. The wide plastic belt has a criss cross corset-laced closure in the back. The boots are well constructed and LEVEL!!! In the photo above, she is actually standing on her own with no support at all. The faux fur on the boots is a little mangy but in the photo they are OK. Under the dress is a lovely lacy bodysuit. I adore this item. It's so pretty and I like pretty. Is she supposed to be a Lady GaGa character type? If so, the outfit doesn't go far enough; she should have rhinestones pasted on her eyelids and crazier boots, perhaps made from metal. That's what I would like to see. The jewelry is a darkened pewter cuff bracelet and rhinestone stud earrings. And of course she comes with additional hands and feet.
The quality is excellent and if you like the doll, I recommend her.


Nu.Face Eden in HJ Couture

He goes by the name HJ Couture. Huckleberry Jackson is a great name for a great designer. HJ also creates fashion for human women. I missed out on most of his collection as it sold out quickly but I was in time to nab this beauty.
The fabric is a silky feeling semi-sheer delight. Huckleberry is incredibly skilled with a sewing machine as evidenced by the well applied leather strips and the folded fabric which is symmetrical and perfect.
There is a leather 'train' down the back with ruffles on either side. I will have to photograph that detail. The dress slips on either from the bottom up or vice versa. The arm openings are large. HJ shows the dress worn with and without a belt. I like it this way.
Click on the photo to see it full-sized.

Background setting is Bella! RWV floor, walls and windows. The prop is a black velvet ring display item.


Miss Piggy Brings Down the House ~ Tonner Convention

This morning the Sunday Breakfast starring Miss Piggy and Kermit also saw a successful charity auction raise more than $11,000 to benefit A Friend's House.
The centerpiece dolls were Miss Piggy as "Swined & Dined" - LE 100 and Kermit the Frog as "A Fly in His Soup" - LE 100.Kermit is a new character and will be available later on in the line. He was done specially for the event. Adorable.
The centerpiece was also a totally new creation - a 10" Miss Piggy! Robert is thinking along smaller lines these days. I like it.
I don't know if the centerpiece had a name but I will find out and make the entry here when I do.Congratulations to the Tonner Doll Co. on what appears to have been a successful convention filled with unique, beautiful dolls and creatures.

Picture of the Week Award ~ May 23, 2010 ~ Parisuthi Wasanasomsithi

This photo was posted recently on the W Club board and attracted a great amount of attention and praise. You can see why.Pictured is the beautiful new doll, "Great Pretender" Lillith, dressed as a joker on a playing card. The photographer is Parisuthi Wasanasomsithi aka Paris W. The original doll has not been altered in any way. Paris is a digital master! He created the background as well using his artistic computer skills.
Lillith's own tulle skirt has been used as the neck ruffle above Regal Estate Agnes' dress.

Paris used a Canon Ixus to capture the original image.

When asked if he had any suggestions for other doll photographers he replied, "Keep on doing whatever makes you happy." I like that suggestion.

Congratulations, Paris, on the Picture of the Week Award!

Convention Souvenir Doll and Centerpiece

The souvenir doll was a one-time sculpt for this event, scaled to the Antoinette body, "Celestial" (Lana Lang Sculpt in white organza and auburn hair - LE300).

Centerpiece: "Lumina" (Antoinette sculpt in silver lurex/chiffon and platinum hair - LE100).
Just wanted to post these final banquet images quickly. Will log in tomorrow with a summary if available.

Both images in this post are the property of Tonner Doll Co.