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Escada from Emperis: A New 16 Inch Resin BJD

The people over at Emperis asked me to put out some information on their new doll, Escada, who will go on sale on April 18, 2014. The price will be £420  ($703.33) + shipping from the UK.  She is a Limited Edition of only 10 dolls. 
Here is some of their promotional text (in their own words) and doll specs:
We're three friends - Marcus, William and Carlos. Three avid collectors who came together through a love of all things to do with dolls and collecting. We wanted to create our own doll, so in 2010 formed Emperis and began development. Emperis uniquely bears a stylized face of Megan Fox. From the beginning we had one vision and that was to have our doll completely designed and manufactured in England. Once there was an abundance of talent in the UK for the manufacture of dolls, but finding any remnants of this has proven somewhat difficult. It's true we can have our doll made in Asia, but that would take us away from our vision of ‘Made in England’ which for years meant quality and excellence, this is what we're striving to achieve once more. So that's us; three avid collectors striving for greatness...
 We believe that we have a unique sense of fashion and style; we want to share it and bring something fresh to the world of dolls and doll fashions. So far all our designs have been met with adoration and lead to an extensive fan base. A first look at Emperis can be seen in the gallery on our website, there you will see our first prototype doll which after redesigning lead to our first sales model Escada. We're hoping everyone will love our vision for Emperis. All our friends and fans will spread the word and that word is 'Emperis'.
Escada with her innate elegance and natural beauty, she will become the defining face of Emperis. Her unique blend of strength and elegance will have you captivated. Her flawless looks raises the bar for doll models everywhere. She will conquer and solidify her place as the girl of the moment, Escada from Emperis.
Our girl can wear fashions wigs and accessories from other similar sized dolls.

Emperis' Website:  http://www.emperis.co.uk/