Temporary Problems at Tonner and Effanbee Web Sites

There has been an attack virus (malware) installed on both the Tonner Doll Company and Effanbee websites.
Tonner has sent out a message informing collectors that they are working on this problem. Some joker blamed Mattel. Of course that was just a joke but this kind of activity is very frightening and happening more and more.
This is the warning I got when I went to the main Tonner website:

If that's not enough to scare the doll out of me, I don't know what would!
When arriving at the Effanbee site I don't get the same warning but the site is blocked with another warning:

Warning - visiting this web site may harm your computer!

A very interesting and informative page about this warning is posted by Google. If you are interested in learning more about malicious software, safe browsing and the warning, click here.

Tonner has informed us that Tonner Direct is NOT affected by the malware.

Not Doll Related BUT It's Jason Wu!

On the Bergdorf Goodman website there is a short video in which Jason answers five questions.

Did you get your Jason Wu Poppy?


A New Old Doll Arrives - Dark Desire Madra

I recently shared about my experiences in Nashville at the Golden Age of Couture event. One evening I helped debox about 80 Madra dolls, many of which I had never seen. When I opened Dark Desire's box, I decided that she was the most beautiful Madra I had ever seen. Not only is her face beautifully screened, her fashion is sophisticated and elegant.
I had to have her. She arrived this afternoon and was immediately released from her box.

The lightweight wool or wool blend suit is lined in chartreuse. Her gloves are the same green. The hat/hood slips over her head. Her muff is also lined in green. She has the most amazing eyes. I am so happy to finally find a Madra to love. I have sold every single Madra I've ever had. This one is staying. She will get a more articulated Integrity body.
Although this doll is several years old, her hair is in perfect condition. What a beauty!

Dark Desire was produced by Ashton Drake in 2002.

Paper Dolls

I loved paper dolls when I was a child. By way of one of my subscriptions, I have discovered a treasure trove of images of paper doll books including the pages inside the books. You must see these! This is the cover of two of the posted books. More at the link below.

 This links to the Picasa album of Bobe who has posted all of these books and their contents.


Tonner Introduces His New 13" Revlon Fashion Doll Collection

These 13" dolls look slightly better than the horrid introductory 13" Revlon doll but they are not going to rock the market and create a demand for 13" dolls IMO. They are like little Tylers with heavy eye makeup and the fashions are same old stuff.

Why put energy into this line when we Tiny Kitty/Simone Rouge collectors have been left hanging high and dry? The Tiny Kitty body should have been reworked to create more flexibility and build on an already established base of collectors. Get rid of the pigeon toed stance. Make it so that she can sit like a 'lady.'
Bring back the dressing table and dress shoppe. We're here and we're waiting.

There is little demand for an average 13" fashion doll as long as there are, at the cheaper end, the Barbie-Silkstone crowd, the Dynamite Girls and at the higher end, the Fashion Royalty and Poppy Parker dolls - all about 12".

The Revlon name lends nothing to these dolls. They have nothing to do with the vintage reproduction Revlon dolls which will be reviewed in another post.

I would like to have seen Tonner do a 12" Ellowyne doll. Ellowyne's clothes are fabulous and fun and like nothing else on the market. She already has a huge collector base. That could have grabbed a big part of the 1/6 scale market. Are you listening out there?

Here are pictures of the 13" basic Revlon dolls which come with three different colors of rooted hair and retail for $59.99 each.

There is a wigged version. One doll plus three wigs.  Price $99.99

There are four separate outfits and two sets of 3 pair of shoes.

Outfits range from $79.99 to $99.99 and the shoe trios are $39.99 each.
According to the website this collection will be made to order and there will be only one production run.
That is a good idea.

New 13" Wonder Woman Sculpt

Tonner introduced a new sculpt size for his Wonder Woman character figure. I have composited the original 16" WW and the new one into one photograph for a comparison. My first impression is that the head on the new one is too large and she is not nearly as attractive as any Wonder Woman I've ever seen whether in a comic book, in a cartoon on tv or as a doll.  She looks like a female impersonator.

Her jaw and chin are too big.

The suggested retail price is $139.99. LE1000