New 13" Wonder Woman Sculpt

Tonner introduced a new sculpt size for his Wonder Woman character figure. I have composited the original 16" WW and the new one into one photograph for a comparison. My first impression is that the head on the new one is too large and she is not nearly as attractive as any Wonder Woman I've ever seen whether in a comic book, in a cartoon on tv or as a doll.  She looks like a female impersonator.

Her jaw and chin are too big.

The suggested retail price is $139.99. LE1000


  1. The 16 inch sculpts of Supergirl and Wonder Woman were perfect, but the 13 inch versions are both hideous. I think the Barbie versions of these characters are more attractive if people wanted smaller scale versions, and they would be a lot cheaper as well.

  2. I think she's really overpriced.

  3. yikes. what a very unfortunate sculpt.