Laurebelle Couture Exclusive "Glam Addict" Giselle

The latest lottery for members of the W Club is an European exclusive Giselle called Glam Addict. This doll is very beautiful and has a stylish fashion that comes with additional shoes and accessories. It's being called a mini giftset. The price for US and Canadian customers is $150. plus either $15. or $25. respectively for shipping.  The price for the rest of the world is EU 140 ($185.33) + EU 30 ($40.) for shipping. The difference in price has many Europeans howling with dismay. After all, if this is a European exclusive, why are the Europeans paying so much more? The answer was a mixture of shipping costs, VAT, customs and whatever other taxes and duties exist. Laurence explained that she is pre-paying certain of these fees which would normally fall to the buyers and so these costs must be passed on. It's quite a burden for overseas collectors. But...maybe they don't have to pay for health insurance. Perhaps their income taxes are proportionally lower. There's always some other benefit to offset these issues.

The lottery closes on February 14. I have entered but my luck in the past 3 years has not been good. This is probably the best looking Giselle so far and I don't have any in my collection. I would restyle her hair done in a more glamorous Hollywood style to suit the fashion.



People have been posting such wonderful lingerie and purple themed photos over at Prego (again) so I thought I'd cull a bunch and post them here for all to enjoy.

Amelia by Janet in Oregon
Tyler by aquabluerose
Hypnosis by Lyanne NZ
Dollmore's Diana by Sisen
Gothica and Toxica by Valtoy
Ellowyne by M2
Iplehouse Elena by LeeAnn


Photoshoot (The Do-Over)

Dasha and Elise had a second chance in front of the camera earlier today. What a difference the proper background makes!

 Mauve Absolue wearing Behind the Drama's gown and a vintage mink stole.

 Geometry showed up wearing a Ficon leather gown.

In the image above, I desaturated the backdrop and column.

The Mermaid Barbie Doll

Designed by Linda Kyaw, released on 2/8 and on backorder until 3/8/2012. Price $100.

Sure to make waves wherever she goes, Mermaid Barbie® doll wears a sheer bodice accented with beads and rhinestones in iridescent blue and silver. Iridescent paillettes create the first half of her shimmery tail ending with two different shades of pleated organza.

Pretty picture, isn't it? I would like to see this doll in person. She comes with the rock display but the ad says she cannot stand alone as shown.  I know many Barbie collectors do not remove their dolls from the boxes and this one is definitely a 'stay-in-the-box' doll. I can see this as a lovely 8X10 print for a doll room.

So what do you think? Is $100 a fair price for this mermaid beauty?


Mary T's Doll House to Close

An announcement signed by Mary T of Mary T's Doll House was sent out earlier this evening. Here is the text:
I just wanted to write and update everyone on what is happening at Mary T's Doll House.  I have had a great time being a doll dealer, but the time has come to move onward and forward.  As a result, I will be shutting the shop down.  This is not an easy decision, but one that is right for me.  
I have decided not to carry any of the 2012 lines and Integrity is aware that I declined my allocations. 

My website will remain active for awhile so that I can sell remaining stock. 

I have had a wonderful 14 years as a dealer and I thank each and every customer for supporting me all these years.  I am still  a collector at heart, so I hope to stay in touch with many of you as I consider you all not just customers, but my friends.     


BFC Membership for 2012 Opens Today

Membership for the 2012 season in the Barbie Fan Club opened today for current members. New members may begin to register on February 15. This year all members will received a Silkstone dress form.
That's a big step up from a mouse pad. Of course you will also get your membership card.
 Every 3 months you get a $20. credit towards a purchase. There have been occasions when it was more than $20. You cannot save up your credits as each expires at the end of the quarter in which it is granted.

Membership is $24.95. This year I was charged $2. tax for the first time. Soon I will have to pay tax on the air I breathe.


Fashion Sleuth Challenge

I have a challenge to the sleuths. Find sources for the clothes Jason Wu designed before he left the new crop of designers in charge. Did he copy or design?? Go back 5 or more years to the Fashion Royalty dolls outfits.

There will always be similar parts of fashion from one item to another. But as you can see below, there is no mistaking where the dolls' outfits came from. That's what I want you to look for.

A fashion sleuth over at Dolly Daily, corvas, posted these images. The interpretations are amazingly similar. There's no doubt as to the source of the clothes for these dolls.

Dior Resort 2008 - Adele/VeroStyle Counsel - Dior Fall 2008 RTW
Air Apparent Vero - Dior Fall 2008 RTW

Business Class Anja - Dior Fall 2008 RTW
Point of Departure Eugenia - Dior Resort 2008


Photoshoot From Hell

 I'm turning into a lazy photographer. I'd rather take stupid iPhone photos than go into my studio and do the real thing. I'm lazy in the studio, too. I had a handbag to sell so I hung up a contrasting piece of fabric and shot some pictures. Then instead of changing the background to suit the dolls I wanted to photograph, I decided to leave it. Blech. I knew it wasn't working almost immediately but didn't do anything to change it. It's a good thing I'm not doing this for money. On the other hand, if I were getting paid, perhaps I'd be less lazy.

Here you have a lesson in how backgrounds can ruin photographs. Ugh. I don't even want to talk about how much work it was to pull these images out. The last one, of course, has had it's background completely Photoshopped.
In the second picture of Dasha I desaturated the yellow tones. Compare it to the picture that follows and you will see what I mean. Both dresses are the same color IRL.
The dresses on Dasha and Elise are by Cholo. Vanessa is the former Intoxicating Mix rerooted. She is wearing Ayumi's outfit. That is also Ayumi's FR2 body. Ayumi's (ugly) head is on the way to Italy.


Fashion Inspiration?

Carmen Dell Orefice in 1954 Revlon ad

Monogram Allure
I think it's a great copy. I wonder how they get away with it. Apparently iconic images are not copyrighted. What about fashions?

I ordered this Monogram doll because of the outfit and it doesn't bother me that it was copied. I just can't believe that there is no copyright protection. I remember that a few years ago Jason Wu got involved in some kind of movement to protect designers' work. The copying of designs for dolls was brought up on the boards shortly after that. I think that movement sort of fizzled.

Sybarite Pompadour Alterations

Several new Sybarite Pompadour owners have opted to cover up her exposed breasts and/or otherwise alter her appearance. What do you think of the changes?

Caren Castro posted this image on Prego. Just look at all the fabulous accessories and miniatures. When Caren creates a diorama, she really goes all the way!

Here's one by Kat/SF dressed in Play's fashion with the curlers removed.

Another beauty with her chest covered photo by Marny.

This one id by 59DOLL:

By Stacy:

2012 DOTY Industry's Choice Awards Announced

I wish to extend my sincere congratulations to all these winners. The entire list is here.
Some of the winners are pictured. You can do Google searches for others by entering the name of the doll and its creator into your search.

Children's Play Doll
Lil' Cutesies Twins in Stroller – JC Toys Group
Playtime Baby Little Princess – Adora
Laura – Sonja Hartmann
Mosi – Playmates Toys

Collectible Baby Doll
Marei – Hildegard Gunzel
Nursery Time Baby – Adora
Joylee – MasterPiece Dolls
Olivia's Gentle Touch – Ashton-Drake Galleries
Harper – MasterPiece Dolls

Collectible Fashion Doll
Princess Catherine Bride Doll – Ashton-Drake Galleries
Grace Kelly the Bride Doll – Mattel
The Corpse Bride – Tonner
 Toxica – Superfrock
Dinner with Duke & Duchess – Joan Greene
Collectible Ball-Jointed Doll
Lydia Grimmsley – Kim Lasher
Winona – Connie Lowe
Eryka – Kim Lasher
Madame Eshe – Angelic Dreamz
Aurora – MasterPiece Dolls

Collectible Vinyl/Plastic Doll, Less Than $150
Goddess of the Galaxy Barbie – Mattel
Oink! – Adora
Madison – Ashton-Drake Galleries
Grace – Sonja Hartmann

Collectible Vinyl/Plastic Doll, More than $150
Lilli Princess Frog – Heidi Plusczok
Belladonna – Robert Tonner
Tanya – Maybe Baby
Amelie – Doris Stannat
Midnight Blue – Joan Greene

Collectible Miniature Doll, 8 Inches or Less
Lettie – Berdine Creedy
Snips + Snails Tommy – Heartstring Dolls
French Fashion Bru Tiny Tot – Marie Osmond Dolls
Little Belle Flower – Heidi Plusczok
Cosette – Kish & Company

Collectible Manufacturer's Artist Doll
Virginia – Zofia & Henry Zawieruszynski
Eden – Kim Lasher
Fee – Hildegard Gunzel
Princess Sarah – Heidi Plusczok
Suchin – Kish & Company

Artist Ball Jointed Doll
Chloe in Whisperland – Joe MacPhale
Eppie and Arnaud – Connie Lowe
Ava Le Cle – Kim Lasher
Candy Pink “Protea” – Berdine Creedy
Sierra – Judy Porter

Artist Baby Doll
Sweet Cheyenne – Lori Ivanovic
Louise – Pat Moulton
Lully and His Teddybear – Luciana Miglioranzi
Baby Bridgette – Lori Ivanovic

Artist Miniature Doll
Anna – Elizabeth Cooper
Addie in Pink – Bo Bergmann
Nell – Elizabeth

Artist Doll, Less Than $1,250
Celebration of Sisterhood Set – Bo Bergmann
Peppermint Green “Protea” – Berdine Creedy
Liliana – Zofia & Henry Zawieruszynski
Little Grace – Diane Effner
Lizbeth – Anna Hardman

Artist Doll, More Than $1,250
Blue Funky Fairy – Susan Krey
Kristina – Zofia & Henry Zawieruszynski
Wonderland Alice – Gregg Ortiz
Rapunzel – Hildegard Gunzel
Ambriel Antoinette – Bo Bergmann

One-Of-A-Kind Doll, Less Than $1,250
Spoonful of Sugar – Roxanna Maria
Iris Blue – Lorella Falconi
Love’s Pledge – Joy Calhoon
Lucky Child Heidi – Gaby Dolls
Cr̬me de la Rose РDiane Effner

One-Of-A-Kind Doll, More Than $1,250
Masako – Lynn Cartwright
Glenda the Good Witch – Gregg Ortiz
Jacob the Daydreamer – Nina Tugarina
Hoshi – Lynn Cartwright
Dorothy of Oz – Gregg Ortiz
Click on the DOTY logo below to go to the explanation of the requirements and guidelines for dolls to be entered into the competition.