Ways to Waste Time

There's a fun website called Entertainment Earth that sells action figures and other collectibles. You can spend lots of your free time (it won't be free if you start spending) browsing at their offerings. Here are a few cool items I saw tonight.

Doctor Who Eleven Doctors Minifigure Tardis Box Set
Google Android Phone Mascot Mini Figures Series 2 Case

Seriously creepy:

Living Dead Dolls Thirteenth Anniversary Series Set

Dexter Dark Defender 3 3/4 inch Comic-Con Exclusive Figure
These are so cute and I'll bet they're very addicitve:

Kubrick Bearbrick Series 22 Mini-Figures
Oh yes, they sell dolls, too...mostly Barbie, Pullip, Monster High, Tonner, Franklin Mint, Anime and Manga Statues, Bobble Heads, Star Trek merchandise, novelty items, plush, Disney and lots more.

Look at this adorable Pullip Dal Steampunk Ra Muw Doll. She is the cutest Pullip I've seen in a long time. Of course I want her - or maybe just her outfit.

Eshe and Grace

They said I couldn't wait until I had more time so here are my new Jamieshow dolls, Eshe and Grace. Point and Shoot pictures are so pointy and shooty. The dolls are gorgeous and I can foresee plenty of photo spam coming.

JAMIEshow St. Tropez Basic Eshe

2011 IFDC Exclusive JAMIEshow Grace
They are 16" resin ball jointed dolls with removable head caps. These head caps are rooted. They also come with bald head caps. See JAMIEshow doll lines at Angelic Dreamz.


Bats in Their Belfry

It's a cute doll but $75. for a vinyl Barbie?

Halloween Haunt Barbie is the newest Barbie Fan Club Exclusive and will be available beginning 9/8/11.
Gold Label®
Designed by: Bill Greening
Release Date: 9/8/2011
Product Code: V0456
"No trick here... Halloween Haunt Barbie doll is a treat to behold! The perfect hostess, she's dressed for the occasion in a festive holiday outfit of orange, appropriately adorned with black cats and stars. She adds a wide waist-cinching belt with gold buckle, a black and gold choker, and basic black pumps accented with orange pompoms. Her black witch hat sits atop short auburn hair, and her vintage face sculpt features delightfully dark plum lips. A must-have holiday decoration for any Barbie doll devotee! "


Nude Barbie Basics Photo

For anyone curious about the articulation of the new Basics dolls, here are two pictures. The finish on the vinyl is pretty crappy but they're not going to be used as nekkid models so I don't care. It is true that the doll cannot put her hand on her hip. I still think that this is a 100% improvement over the stiff model body being used on the dolls and I hope to see the unarticulated body banished to never-never land where it belongs. Then...maybe Silkstones will one day get articulation. I doubt it. As long as people are willing to pay upwards of $175. for an unarticulated Silkie, why should Mattel do anything to change them?

Then she got dressed again.

The other thing I'd like to see banished is glitter. Glitter is the scourge of craft supplies. Make it go away.


Barbie, Elise and Veronique

I ordered the new Barbie Basics. I like them. The cost me about $16. each and for that small amount you get an articulated body, nice hair and a Mattel outfit. Not bad. They're fun play dolls to have around. I'm looking forward to taking more pictures of them. The worst thing was taking them out of their ridiculous packaging. A person can get injured removing all that plastic.

Elise told me in no uncertain terms that she will not wear any more boring black clothing. She raided Misaki's stash.
I don't think her sophisticated face and hair go with the pink and orange outfit but it sure was fun.

Finally, I purchased this dress from a gal in or around Czechoslovakia (or somewhere far away like that.)
I love it! This lady shipped the dress so fast I think she's really in Brooklyn. (Actually she is in the Ukraine and her name is Olga Kaltya.)
Here is a rerooted Veronique wearing the garment and looking as gorgeous as only the true Veronique can look. Do you know who this Vero was originally?

Balenciaga Inspired Collection on JAMIEshow

Angelic Dreamz posted a wonderful video using JAMIEshow dolls and Gene dolls modeling the Balenciaga inspired collection from Sandra Stillwell's Golden Gate Event. A video like this is one great answer to the question, "What are dolls for?"


JAMIEshow dolls are available at Angelic Dreamz and there are several fashions remaining for sale directly from Sandra. Links to both of these sites are underlined above.



Compared to the power of nature there is nothing. We are powerless. Although reports keep saying that New York escaped major consequences, they fail to note that many NY State counties were crippled AFTER the storm was downgraded to a tropical. We watched as our 200 ft tall trees did the limbo in the wind. We heard cracking as a big one went over. The top of one of our tallest pines broke off and fell alongside the stream. Debris is everywhere and we are amongst the lucky in our area. Roads are blocked, bridges are washed away, power lines are down everywhere. In Woodstock, NY alone, no one has power, phone service or any essential service like that. And yet it is a gorgeous day. Above the sound of our generator I can hear chirping and bird songs. A handful of vehicles passes by in spite of the travel ban. I am suffering from True Blood withdrawal. No television. I'm such an addict.