William and Catherine Royal Wedding Dolls: Behind the Scenes

Mattel released this video for the April 29th anniversary of the royal wedding. It's very interesting to watch the props and the backdrops being designed and crafted. Mattel puts a lot of effort into their photo sets. If only the same attention to detail were spent on each doll!

William And Catherine Royal Wedding® Giftset
(No Longer Available From Mattel)


First 2012 FR Club Exclusive Doll

W Club members are offered the opportunity to purchase "High End Envy" Erin for $115. This doll is a very pretty redhead with dark streaks wearing a youthful black mini-dress.

 The ordering period ends on April 30th at 10AM CST.  The doll won't be available until this summer - approximately. You know how it goes with club dolls. The edition size depends upon the pre-order quantity.
I am waiting for a truly unique and exclusive club doll that is not lottery bound...something that I have to have, not something I've seen before. 


The slight tweaking of Erin's sculpt sparked a heated debate over sculpt changes.  The biggest argument was between people feeling that their feelings were being either dismissed or put down. It always starts out about a doll and disintegrates into a he said, she said, you said type of thread. It's the same argument over and over touched off by different incidents.

Some people just can't let others' opinions alone. They have to tell the "opposition" that they are wrong - either for their point of view or for how they are expressing it or for expressing it at all. Then comes the fight about being told how to express ones self. It's just endless.

One statement I find amusing is the belief that those who create the dolls have feelings that will be hurt if you express negativity about the product. Of course the designers have feelings (and egos) but ultimately it's their paychecks that hang in the balance, not their feelings if the dolls are not popular.  If one visits a doll dealer's site that is trying to move dolls by bundling or by selling nudes and outfits separately you get the notion that the products are just not selling and that the dealer will do practically anything to get rid of them. Do you think the designers are going around hurt over this? Personally, I hope it does affect them so that they see what isn't working.

Soon we may be able to buy arms, legs and heads separately.


The Emilia Couture Contest

A contest was held earlier this year by Emilia Niemen. It ended on March 16th.
The rules were:
"Take a doll box, tie in your favourite doll and fashion to build your dream giftset. Just pile in everything you ever wanted and feel free to use Photoshop or other means to enhance the looks and colours of your dream doll set. The doll, box and fashions can be any size or brand....The doll must be photographed in the box wearing one of the outfits..."

 The grand prize was this fabulous "Ants" outfit.

All entries were posted to a special group Emilia created on Flickr.

The winner of the contest was Micheal Jarvis aka monkeyhaircutter with this amazing gift set consisting of two men dressed for their wedding. The accessories included a three-tier wedding cake, a bottle of champagne and two fluted glasses, a bottle of liquor and luggage. Their clothes included lounge and pool wear in addition to their formal wear. The case is from an earlier Fashion Royalty gift set. Everything is arranged in a appealing way. If Integrity produced a set like this it would fly off the shelves faster than a New York minute!

First runner-up was Laura/LA with this wonderful gift set consisting of a dressed Agnes, two additional fashions and a furnished wall! WOW! I love the way Laura color coordinated the fashions by using red and black throughout. The fireplace, framed paintings and crystal chandelier could make a backdrop for photography. What a great idea for a gift set.

Second runner-up was Dollster for a stunningly arranged grouping of HJ Couture fashions and dressed doll in lacy lingerie. She is presented in one of the "Atelier" gift set boxes that we don't see anymore. Wonderful!

A special "Out-of-the-box-thinking" award was presented to OddMod for her very clever and amusing Glinda-The Jeti Hunter gift set. This really cracked me up. It was adorable and so very creative.

I felt joy and pleasure looking at the entries because they show how people are playing with and loving their dolls. This was very special!

I was planning to post only the winning entries but I feel like they are all winners. The dolls and fashions are gorgeous. I don't know how Emilia was able to whittle down her choices. I would love to have each and every one of these sets for my own as I bet other collectors would, too.

You can click on each picture to enlarge it.

Katana Restyled

Check out these fabulous photos of Katana restyled and posted by Stacy Leigh yesterday on Prego. Stacy has provided this information about the fashion Katana is wearing.
Wig by Superfrock.
Jewelry by Stacy herself.
Bustier by Ficon from Denimish.
Cigarettes by Fashion Boulevard.
Pants by Tonner from the 20th Anniversary convention.
Sneakers by Ficon.
Handbag is a memory stick.

Katana actually appears to be standing on a street at night. Well done!

Cheryl Wood Wigs

My two newest wigs by Cheryl Wood are modeled below by Talc and Jamieshow Winter.


CDDC Challenge #5 Winners

Congratulations to the winners of Challenge Five!




Photography Winner: Julia Peshkova