Nu.Fantasy Wild Wolf Kumi Giftset

This has been an overwhelmingly abundant month for dolls arriving at my door. One of the most eagerly awaited ones, the Japanese Exclusive "Wild Wolf" Kumi Doll, arrived yesterday. Although this delightful little thing has a Misaki body, she is not part of the Misaki line. This is a new line called Nu.Fantasy.

The giftset consists of the doll, a dress, a skirt, a cape with a removable harness-type thing, two handbags, tall boots, heels, gloves, fishnet tights, and doll stand. I don't know if the fur on the cape is real. If it's not, it's a very good fake. Everything in the set works together except for the handbag with the two buckles. It doesn't have any fantasy about it at all. I would have preferred some far out jewelry to another ordinary black bag. The other bag is adorable. It's a little cube with metallic embellishments including a lock. I love it. I haven't tried the pumps on her so I don't know how that's going to work as she has the Misaki flat foot. She will be able to wear all of Azone's 1/6 scale shoes and boots.

The packaging was kind of nice so I photographed it. The inner box was encased in a semi transparent sleeve which was printed with a forest graphic. I used it as a backdrop for some of Kumi's initial shots.

Kumi is currently drying after undergoing a bit of a trim and boil straightening of her hair. I found that her bangs were too long and a bit uneven and her eyelashes (rooted) were hiding her eyes from view. So....I thinned the very edges of the bangs and shortened the eyelashes and tomorrow she will get back into her wonderful outfit for more pictures.

Yuri arrived today as well. She, too, has been altered although much more drastically. Her hair is now short all around, not just on the sides.

My recommendation: start saving now. The price is going up. The W Club sold a few to lucky lottery winners for $275 plus shipping. I got this one for $300. plus shipping from Canada. They're selling now on eBay for more than $350. They are irresistible and the clothes are delightful. On the CDCMHS (Compulsive Doll Collector Must-Have Scale) they score a (High) 5 out of 5.

Hard Rock Cafe Barbie Doll 2008

According to BC.Com:
Hard Rock Cafe Barbie doll embodies a gothic punk vibe. The doll's black and red goth glam ensemble features a lace up corset top, short flared skirt, vibrant red fishnet stockings, edgy boots, and fingerless gloves. Modeling raw energy and independent spirit, Hard Rock Cafe Barbie doll comes with a jamming HRC "guitar" and collector pin. Rock on!

The writer forgot to add that her hair does not look like it does in the promo shot, (which is not really surprising.) It's flat and has overheated frizzy ends. There is a short spritzy clump of hair sticking straight up from the top of her head while the rest of the up-do just hangs down. Her 'side-burns' are gelled to her face so she looks as if she's got a helmet on and her bangs have been cut too short.
The outfit is quite adorable; however, it is sewn on to the dismay of those that would debox and play. Her jewelry is very cute. The guitar is an attractive marbled plastic. My own preference would have been to have closed-toe boots but they are stylish like the rest of the outfit.
The color of her skin is quite light and in contrast to the heavy make-up is striking.
The retail price of HRC 2008 which is a Gold Label item is $76.
My recommendation is to make sure you don't pay the full retail price for her. If you are a completist, then of course you must get her. Otherwise...get a doll you can play with.


"Faith is the substance of things hoped for."

Barack Obama elected President of the United States.

Congratulations to my country. Perhaps we can be proud Americans again.

"Ur So Gay" (and you don't even like boys)

Integrity Toys and Jason Wu has recently shipped their Katy Perry doll. The MTV site has a funny bit which I quote here:
If you've ever wanted to hold Katy Perry in your trembling hands, bend her into all sorts of interesting positions or perhaps even have her re-enact the "I Kissed a Girl" video with a cast of your sister's Barbies and Bratz dolls, well, you're in luck. (You're also kind of weird.)
Perry will soon be hitting stores as a 12-inch doll, ...The Perry doll — made by the folks at Integrity Toys in collaboration with fashion designer Jason Wu.
It features 12 points of articulation and will be packaged in a box featuring exclusive "whimsical artwork." It retails for $49.99, and only 500 will be made, which might explain why — as of Monday morning (September 29) — there's already a waiting list for the doll over at Integrity's Web site.
Eagle-eyed fans might recognize the Perry doll from an early appearance it (sort of) made in her "Ur So Gay" video: ..belted gold minidress with an accordion-pleated skirt, black stockings and pink heels. Several figures from Integrity's "Fashion Royalty" line (on which the Perry doll is based, though, according to the manufacturer, the "Fashion" line dolls have a "smaller bust") made cameos in the clip.The first batch of Perry dolls is expected to ship in late fall.

My feelings about the prices of Integrity's high end Fashion Royalty dolls was confirmed. This doll has the same body as Fashion Royalty dolls with the full articulation and height. Her hair is rooted and styled nicely. She's got eyelashes. The screening may not be the same process at the other dolls. The fashion is very simple and the fabric is not the finest quality but it's as good or better than that of many other dolls from other manufacturers. She wears simple rhinestone stud earrings and her shoes are the basic molded plastic. For $49.95, we have a pretty doll who will be easy to redress and is ultra posable.

I do recommend the purchase of the Katy Perry doll. She comes in an attractive window box so those who are not deboxers will be happy to display her that way. One other plus...she was easy to remove from her box and stands very well on the included plastic 2-piece stand.

Want to know more about Katy Perry?


Just Brilliant Fashion from Jason Wu is Brilliant

The "Just Brilliant Fashion" is a Limited Edition of 450 and was designed by Jason Wu for his Lana Turner/Hollywood Royalty line. The retail price was $75. My model is "A Fashionable Life Vanessa" (Platinum) who has been given a tall body.
The gown's construction is flawless; the look, timeless; the fit, perfect. I couldn't ask for more. The cute black patent shoes have one off-center rhinestone.
We love jewelry for our divas and this fashion comes with dangling rhinestone earrings, a double strand bracelet of rhinestones, a giant ring with a silvery grey stone and a big pin which I have attached at the waistline.
I was pleased to see that the packaging was conservatively made so that the bottom few inches of the gown needed to be folded. I used a light steam iron through a press cloth on the skirt to get the crease out and had no problem. Please don't ever use an iron directly on any doll clothes and start out with a cooler iron that you think you need. Be careful near metallic embroidery. Steaming often does the trick on items that can't be ironed like tulle. I have heard that some people iron tulle successfully; I'm not one of those.
The faux fur stole is soft and has a thickness which is in perfect scale. My preference is to show off the gown without the stole covering any of it.
There is a little problem with several pair of shoes lately in that the heels are too tall. This makes the doll tip forward. Either platforms need to be put under the front of the shoe or the heels need to be made shorter. A collector can remedy this by cutting out a small piece of thin foam or vinyl (or two) and gluing them under the shoe front. If the color of the vinyl/foam is white and the shoe is black, use a permanent marker to color the edges. Make sure that the foam does not extend past the edge of the shoe.