IBIZA: New from Ficon

I want to get my hot little hands on that outfit as I'm currently on a 'no new doll' diet.

Ficon Doll will offer Ibiza for sale this coming week. Visit http://www.ficondoll.com/ for more information.


Reviews: Fashion Explorer Vanessa and Poppy Fashions

Fashion Explorer Vanessa is one of the three optional 2014 W Club upgrade dolls and the only one I ordered. Apparently I can't shake the Vanessa addiction completely. She was $130 plus postage.

Let me deal with the sculpt first. She's described as having the Vanessa 3.0 sculpt. I'm still struggling to figure out what the 2.0 sculpt was. It seems that there were several other attempts at a new Vanessa sculpt between DC and now. Half this...half that...I don't get it. 

Could it have been Dress Code Vanessa?

Go back to the original Vanessa.
Make the rest of us happy. 
We don't care if you're bored.

Anyway, the new gal is a pretty doll. There have been many complaints about the screening difference between the left and right eyes. I see it when I look very closely but it doesn't bother me. Her hair, which is long in the back in a beautiful wrapped pony tail, is offset by the boring side curl and an ultra high forehead. A different hairstyle would do wonders.

She is styled awkwardly.
The fashion consists of a boxy, ill-fitting ultra suede top over a sheer mesh bodysuit. The skirt is, as you can see, is a wrap mini in light blue. This is supposed to be a fashion doll and I don't think she ranks up there as well dressed or worth $130.
This is the first time I've seen the revised FR2 body. It's a good body with firm joints. The elbow joints on this doll squeak! 

Her accessories are a huge brown handbag, super tall boots in the same brown, cheap looking sunglasses, irrelevant silver colored bracelets and pin ball studs.

W Club dolls should be the 
very best 
of what's available 
for so many reasons.

Here she shows off her assets:


I purchased two fashions from the recently offered three dressed IFDC Poppy Parker dolls. Since I do not collect Poppy dolls, I was hoping that some of my flatter chested dolls would be able to wear them. Success.

This lavender confection comes from a doll called Glamorous Darling. It fits my Monogram Exaggeration perfectly - including the shoes. I am so happy that Poppy has grown up to have normal fashion feet! I hate the articulated ankle on that doll.
The gown is very pretty. The person that sold it to me made the mistake of folding the tulle so it's not draping properly - yet. It will. I'm not going near it with heat. (Been there, done that. Not good.)
Anyway, the only thing wrong with this ensemble is the GLITTER. Sequins would have been sufficient.  Glitter is Mattel's gig. 
Please, no more glitter.
Above is my Mini Avantguard doll, Aphrodisiac, modeling IT Girl. The skirt is a bit loose in the hip area but it doesn't affect the appearance. I wasn't able to get the jewelry or the sunglasses with the ensemble so I added Knife Edge bracelets and IT earrings from some other doll. The earrings came with a bracelet that was way too large for Aphro so I'm thinking they were from a 16" doll. At this point, I have no idea what goes with what and I don't care either.
I removed the bow that was attached to the bodice. It wouldn't lay straight and stuck out too far.

I'm very pleased with both fashions.


Hot Toys Maleficent Sixth Scale Figure

The long awaited Hot Toys' figure, Maleficent, is finally up for pre-order. Apparently there are slight price differences depending upon where you shop. Sideshow Collectibles is offering her for $229.99.

As with all Hot Toys' sculpts, the likeness to Angelina Jolie is absolutely incredible.

Click here for more photos and ordering information.

Tom Tierney, Paper Doll Artist, Dies at 85

I'll venture to guess that every one of us has owned or at least seen some of Tom Tierney's paper doll books in our lives. Just looking back at them now, I want so many.

 From the mid-1970s until his death, Mr. Tierney reigned as “the undisputed king” of the international paper-doll world, as The New York Times wrote in 1999 — a milieu that comprises thousands of collectors in the United States alone. Over the years, he created more than 400 paper-dolls books, most issued by Dover Publications.
A message from Dover Publishers:
"Everyone at Dover—and his legion of fans—is deeply saddened by the passing of Tom Tierney on July 12, 2014. One of our most beloved authors, Mr. Tierney created over 275 books for Dover, including dozens of bestselling paper dolls, with subjects ranging from U.S. presidents to popular movie stars. As one of America's foremost authorities on fashion history, Tom's books are famous for being meticulously researched and beautifully rendered and his works are prized by designers, collectors, and paper doll lovers around the world. We've put together a collection of books by the King of Paper Dolls to help you celebrate his life and work. For, as he once said, "My books can be a way to discover things that you weren't taught in school. And I like to think that they bring their subjects to life for readers, just the way they do for me when I work on them." For more about Mr. Tierney, use this link to read the exclusive interview "For My Work Is My Pleasure: A Talk with Tom Tierney." 

A page from Dover's Tierney offerings.

Tom illustrated the unsual (for a) paper doll:

Pop culture:

    Dover still offers more than 125 of Tom's books for sale here:


Re: Email from Jose´ not showing up for subscribers >>

To my subscribers:
Several people have informed me that the email from Jose´ is not showing up. I apologize for that. If you click on the name of my blog in your email, it will take you to the blog page where I have changed the color of the email to make it appear.
The problem was I copied his email onto my blog post and the background (black) was hiding the text which was also black. Long story...it's better now although it doesn't look too cool.

Jose´ Ferrand, Designer

This afternoon I received a lovely email from Jose´ Ferrand who designed many of the Ashton Drake fashions produced for Gene Marshall and Madra. Here is what he wrote:

Dear Teri,

I was the first (chronologically) of the "second batch" of Gene designers during the Ashton Drake years. Designing for her was the most enjoyable work I had ever done; it was like playing with dolls for a living. Aside from that, she proved to be a much needed balm to soothe the immense pain of losing so many friends to AIDS in the Nineties and provided many hours of quiet solace. I'll be forever grateful to Mel and Joan (Greene) for those years. 

PS: It was nice to see "Belle of the Ball" in purple and green in Sandra's collection.

Jose´ is referring to the images I posted here. I would love to meet Jose´ and hear his story of that time. Perhaps I can get Sandra to invite him to an event. 
Some of his designs (left to right) After Hours, Stardust Memories, Cat Walk, To Have and To Hold:

See more on the Gene Marshall Wiki: Items designed by Jose´ Ferrand


Paul Pham's New Numina

Here's a beautiful new doll from Paul Pham. A 1/2 deposit up front is required. Delivery is tentatively end of August. You can place an order on-line or by phone. Visit the site for more information.

The Studio Commissary Board's Fifth Anniversary

Although I would not classify myself as a big collector of the Gene Marshall line I have been a participant at The Studio Commissary since it's beginning five years ago.  I discovered Gene dolls after I was already collecting Tonner's dolls and heavily into Fashion Royalty.  I did start buying a few here and there after meeting Mel Odom at FAO Schwarz during a W Club event. Little did I know of the depth and history of the doll.

By the time Integrity Toys was ending it's relationship with Gene, I was very interested. I had joined the Gene W Club which would be it's last year. Collectors did not know that. In 2009 it was announced that the 'end' was near and there would be one last convention in 2010 in Philadelphia. It was a wonderful convention. I'd love to do it again - I would not change a thing.

Sandra Stillwell had (some of) her immense collection of Gene dolls on display.  There are only some of the photos I took in that room (which had terrible lighting. ) I didn't even know Sandra back then and had no idea what her history was with prior Gene events.

Anyway, this post is supposed to be about the Studio Commissary and has turned into my own history with Gene Marshall. 

What inspired me to post this today was the anniversary celebration which just ended on that board. The last "game" played was a question which asked: "What do you love about Gene?" 

Here are parts of the answers.

  • The people I've met, the friends I've made & the places I've gone because of Gene! 
  • Her soft, beautiful face, calm expression and the variety of outfits she has. - 
  • I don't think I can add a thing to what's already been said... I love her lovely vintage world! I>> 
  • It was love at first sight. And each time I see her it is like that first time 
  • She's a 3-dimensional version of Mel's unique art--and her sculpts have so much character. -
  • Her wholesome good looks, peaceful expression and, of course, those clothes! 
  • She wears the clothes society no longer appreciates and aren't appropriate for my workplace! -
  • She lets me spend time in a world which contains only kindness and beauty. - 
  • redressing her - she looks great in everything! 
  • She take me back to my childhood days of sitting by the fire and making clothing for my 
  • I love the vintage fashions, and it reminds me of my mom; she was a young woman in the 30s-50s. 
  • Her beautiful beautiful face which can become so many different personalities 
  • Her classy outfits and big eyes! 
  • that a tiny plastic woman can engender so much creativity in so many different people! 
  • She has the "It" factor as compared to most fashion dolls! 
  • I love the outfits her and her pals wear.
  • I have always loved the Golden Age of Hollywood, and she reflects it beautifully. 
  • The fact that she gives me an opportunity to enjoy elegant, vintage fashions in miniature scale; 
  • Everything everyone else has said plus a fun stress release for me after long hours of work. glamourous age and she gets to wear -
  • I'm echoeing the others: vintage fashion, vintage movies, and learning to "play" , and the people >> tory, the fabric, the hats.
  • To me she represents a world of grace and beauty. I've enriched my knowledge of fashion, history, 
  • The friends I've made because of her! 
  • the fashions and vintage hollywood 
  • Hollywood's Golden Era with the studios creating movie stars!
  • I love the 30s and 40s era and the movies made during those decades. - 
  • I love vintage Hollywood and Gene represents that perfectly for me! - 
  • The vintage style and grace of the dolls and fashions; quality of fashions; 
  • She was a friend when I needed one very badly.
  • Her glamour, style, story and her fans - all of us!
  • Representation of an era of class, sophistication, glamour, and gentility that is 
  • The fact that she represents a wonderful time period for fashion and glamour. 
  • I love the people who collect her! When I got involved in this community >> - 
  • Her connection to the Golden Age of Hollywood & the decades of fashions - 
  • The glamour and detail of the fashions, and the active "customizing" community>> 
  • I love every inch of her... -
  • The era s of fashion she represents. The accsessories! -
  • The 'Hollywood Glamor'! 
  • The fashions! -
  • I can dress & redress her with lovely outfits. No hands-off! -
  • She reminds me of my mother. I have photos of her as a young>> -
  • The world of movies she represents and her wonderful fashions! - 
  • Love the 40s fashions and that she represents the heyday of the big Hollywood stars. -
  • Her Iconic look & that time period in fashion -
  • She is the re-creation of old Hollywood glamour and the fabulous >>> - 
  • Her versatility: she can go from innocent to Hollywood Icon with the change of an outfit! -
  • The details in her clothing and hairstyles for the eras she represents. -
  • Gene is the epitome of Hollywood style and glamour! -
  • She taught me how to love dolls! -
  • The eras of fashion....I especially love the 30's and 40's. -
  • The world of fashion, friends & fun she offers.Playtime is COOL! - 
  • The eras that she represents....especially love the '50s fashions - 
  • The chord she's struck in all her admirers: love of -

  • The Studio Commissary