PFDF Numina and Barbie

Sherryl from Arizona posted these two pictures on Prego earlier of the event Barbie and Paul Pham's new Numina.

Barbie is called Le Belle Epoque. She is a vinyl, non articulated doll LE 375. I'm sure there will be quite a few floating around on eBay shortly.

Paul's doll has been mentioned previously on this blog. She is gorgeous as is her wig and fashion.
I do not think you will find this on eBay - ever.


Evangeline and Ellowyne at the 2012 PFDF

Here are the Parisian Belle Epoque Evangeline and Ellowyne dolls from the festival. These were posted by Wilde Imagination on Facebook earlier today.

"My Feet Hurt" LE100  195 Euros

Paris Fashion Doll Festival Sybarite Fidele

This was posted by Sherryl/Arizona who is in Paris at the festival. Please attribute all credit to Sherryl if you copy this photograph.

Fidele - just stunning. I love everything about this doll except the fact that I will probably never have one.

Here is a photograph of the same doll by Marilyn Sonnie.

Fideles LE100 630 Euros

Marilyn also posted the PFDF LE15 ensemble, Cubic. She posted this image of her doll, Blak, wearing it.


CDDC Challenge Two

You can judge for yourself which designers actually followed the challenge here: http://couturedoll.com/ch2.html

All I'm going to say is there are several outfits I'd love to have for my dolls. However, there is an additional creation that, in my opinion, achieved every requirement to be a winner. It is amazing in every way - unique, non-costumey, thematic and stunning.

This contestant's model is an FR2 12" doll. The detail work on the denim is beyond belief for a fashion this size. Everything works together. I love it.

Many of the creations are extremely literal in their interpretations of the theme or just downright amateurish. Three of the Intermediate contestants belong in the Professional division. I'm not familiar with video games and the challenge requires some knowledge in depth of at least one.

It's entirely possible that the same contestant that won the last challenge will win again. I think I recognize his style and I love the entry.

My other favorites are:

Barbie Birthday Sale Begins Friday 3/9

Just announced. Take 25% off anything and everything at BarbieCollector.com on Friday, March. Free shipping is being offered for Silkstone dolls through Monday.

If you are wondering about using your $20. off coupon with this, you can. I don't know if other codes will work.

You can click on the image to go to the website.


Springtime in Paris, Bellissima Couture's New Doll Fashions

Check out the gorgeous new fashions created by Hilda Westerv aka Bellissima Couture. She is calling this fashion show Springtime in Paris.
Here are just a two examples (my favorites.) Both are sold out already but there are many more.

Click this here to go to Hilda's page where you can see the rest of the show.

Wonderful Sybarite Photography

Two stunning photographs (among others) were posted on the Facebook's Superdoll Fans page recently. The use of light and shadow is key in each image.

Brandon Wood used Doku as his model.The dark area around the doll focuses the viewer on the doll's face and the net shadow is very mysterious. One eye peers out into the darkness. Is she hiding?
"Fugu Noir"
Lynn Murray shows optimal use of a backdrop with a doll. Look at the light and shadow and how it creates a sense of the doll emerging from darkness into the light. The composition draws the viewer's eye right back to the doll's face each time. Perfect. Model is Savage.
"By the cold of the morning light she returned..."


Emilia Nieminen's 2012 PFDF Auction Doll

As most of you already know the Paris Fashion Doll Festival is coming up this weekend. Many doll artists contribute to the auction which is held for the benefit of REVES, a charity for hospitalized children.

Here is Emilia's description of her fabulous contribution:

I created this OOAK lingerie doll for the La Belle Epoque theme of Paris Fashion Doll Festival (PFDF) 2012. I was inspired by the decorative style of the time, Art Nouveau and by it's father Alphonse Mucha.

The doll is a customised Integrity Toys Lana from the Hollywood Royalty line. The doll has been rerooted with a fiery 3-tone Saran mix and given a complete repaint. I added super long lashes and gave them a gradient dye from black roots to titian tips. She also got a new Nu.Face body with blushing and Art Nouveau inspired snake tattoos.

The fashion consists of a burgundy tulle blouse embellished with silk ribbons; a corset made of orange vintage lace with Art Nouveau patterns, lined with yellow silk, adorned with ribbons and 8 garters with golden buckles; yellow silk panties; a pair of teal green net stockings; burgundy gradient effect shoes with hand carved Art Nouveau inspired heels; and as a cherry on the top a huge La Belle Epoque style hat of burgundy silk and tulle, adorned with teal green net strips and feathers.
 Click on the image below to go to her Flickr stream and see more images of this doll.


SALE at Two Daydreamers

There are a few items that are really well-priced at Two Daydreamers. Click on the name of the doll to go to the page and see the picture and details.

Madame Alexander's 21" Lust Cissy   Regular price: $349.95Sale price: $184.95 

I won't bore you with the 10" Cissettes that are also on sale but there is a nice selection available. 

Tonner's 17.5" Heart Stopper Regular price: $209.99Sale price: $144.99
I like him but I think he'd scare my smaller dolls.
Tonner's 16" Noir #99 Regular price: $249.99 Sale price: $149.99
Don't ask me why I paid almost full retail price.
 Tonner's 16" Ferse  Regular price: $199.99 Sale price: $129.99

There are quite a few dolls available from the last Tonner Convention and the subsequent Halloween Convention. This is the time to get them!

Two Daydreamers has a Clearance Tab filled with goodies and I like browsing there. Just remember - check eBay and other sources before buying because you will find wildly varying prices
Unfortunately, the 21" 85th Anniversary Cissy will never be reduced to a price I am willing to pay.  Original retail price was $1,699.95. "Sale" price $749.99. Ridiculous. I'd rather spend it on a new Sybarite.