SALE at Two Daydreamers

There are a few items that are really well-priced at Two Daydreamers. Click on the name of the doll to go to the page and see the picture and details.

Madame Alexander's 21" Lust Cissy   Regular price: $349.95Sale price: $184.95 

I won't bore you with the 10" Cissettes that are also on sale but there is a nice selection available. 

Tonner's 17.5" Heart Stopper Regular price: $209.99Sale price: $144.99
I like him but I think he'd scare my smaller dolls.
Tonner's 16" Noir #99 Regular price: $249.99 Sale price: $149.99
Don't ask me why I paid almost full retail price.
 Tonner's 16" Ferse  Regular price: $199.99 Sale price: $129.99

There are quite a few dolls available from the last Tonner Convention and the subsequent Halloween Convention. This is the time to get them!

Two Daydreamers has a Clearance Tab filled with goodies and I like browsing there. Just remember - check eBay and other sources before buying because you will find wildly varying prices
Unfortunately, the 21" 85th Anniversary Cissy will never be reduced to a price I am willing to pay.  Original retail price was $1,699.95. "Sale" price $749.99. Ridiculous. I'd rather spend it on a new Sybarite.



  1. Wow. You are a mean woman Ms. G. LOL. (I'm lusting for Cissy Lust) Your blog announcement gets my mind wondering. I agree with you on the 85th Cissy. Stunning, though!

  2. Thanks for this tip off! I was not even aware of this site before. I'm on a serious budget and now I have the OOP Tenth Doctor on his way for a great price. That brings me to 3 awesome 17" guys, him and the Salvatore brothers, and one still very nice looking basic Matt for my dark and spooky games (Evangeline Ghastly is the center of my collecting).

    1. That was a great price for the Doctor. I had to control myself when I saw it.

  3. I agree that they have great deals, too bad they are extremely rude and have terrible customer service.