CDDC Challenge Two

You can judge for yourself which designers actually followed the challenge here: http://couturedoll.com/ch2.html

All I'm going to say is there are several outfits I'd love to have for my dolls. However, there is an additional creation that, in my opinion, achieved every requirement to be a winner. It is amazing in every way - unique, non-costumey, thematic and stunning.

This contestant's model is an FR2 12" doll. The detail work on the denim is beyond belief for a fashion this size. Everything works together. I love it.

Many of the creations are extremely literal in their interpretations of the theme or just downright amateurish. Three of the Intermediate contestants belong in the Professional division. I'm not familiar with video games and the challenge requires some knowledge in depth of at least one.

It's entirely possible that the same contestant that won the last challenge will win again. I think I recognize his style and I love the entry.

My other favorites are:


  1. My favorite is That white hoods and black slack trousers.

  2. I recognize 2 designers Cholo nEm'lia, both are amazing!!!

  3. The outfits for these dolls could be considered unique and modern. Thank you for sharing your personal favorites from this challenge.