Jamieshow Demi-Couture Ginny

In a fit of "I need another doll" impulsivity, I ordered Demi-Couture Ginny (aka Ginnie.) She is a 12" resin ball-jointed doll.  The 12" Jamieshow BJDs made their debut appearance a few years ago but their face sculpts were not well received and they did not do well.
GeorgeG Photo

The three current offerings, Grace, Eshe and Ginny are 1/6 scale replicas of the full-sized Jamieshow dolls of the same name. Just like their larger counterparts, they come with a rooted wig cap and a bald wig cap. A small version of the Jamieshow doll stand is included as well.
GeorgeG Photo
These dolls went on sale for $191.99 recently. The sale ends at midnight on 1/11/14.
If you have Silkstone dolls, you have seen the prices skyrocket for regular releases. That made me think that this price was reasonable for a doll with joints that actually move in more than one direction. BTW Silkstone is resin.

Also available on sale is a special Grace doll, expressive hands and some shoes.

I've had one of these Demi bodies for a while and was using it with a Liz Taylor Silkstone head.

When I took Liz out of a showcase to photograph her with Ginny, I was dismayed to find that she had become very, very kicky in her hip joints. It was almost impossible to keep her upright for this photo so she is posing partially sitting. Her knees and arms are fine. I will have to wire her hip and upper legs to correct this issue.

In my photos of Ginny, she is wearing a wig that I had in my collection because her wig was frizzy and unkempt looking. I've heard that washing it out helps. It's either the fiber being used or it's being over-heated during styling. I've had this problem with every other non-bun/non-updo Jamieshow wig cap.  It happens with other manufacturer's dolls as well on occasion. Straight styles and updos are fine. It only happens when the fibers have been over-processed. As a photographer, I pay attention to the appearance of hair. It drives me crazy when I can't tame a wavy hairdo properly. There's curly and there's messed up.

Ginny is wearing Barbie (Louboutin) shoes just to illustrate that their foot size is almost exactly the same. Barbie's is a tiny bit smaller. FR2 shoes would be too large. Original FR shoes will fit as will  FR clothes from the second body. (That would be the first articulated body before they went to the first tall body. ) Of course there will be other clothes that fit depending upon their cut.

I recommend buying one or more of these demi dolls now while the price is right.


Modsdoll Aurum and Kingdom Doll Brunel

I have been playing with two of my new 16" resin dolls. And that's a good thing because I vowed to play more. Less accumulating; more playing. Seriously, it's not hard to sit in front of a computer for hours pining over dolls I don't have when all the while, I have gorgeous dolls upstairs. That's a sickness.

Aurum is growing on me. I almost sold her. She is wearing a Ficon gown and Fashion Royalty earrings.

I love Brunel!
In these photos she is wearing a Sybarite sweater and Ficon jeans which are too large in the hips. The rhinestone belt (Facets) helps to pull them in. The poodle is needle felted from an artist whose name I don't remember. I've had him a long time.  Boots - eBay.

Daily Dose of Vanessa - Luxe Life

Once in a while a perfect doll comes along. Luxe Life is one of those. I have never redressed her which is quite unusual for me. She's just perfect the way she is.

LL was one of the stunning dolls from the Iconic 2009 convention. Priced at $130. then, you can't touch this doll on the secondary market for less than several hundred. There wasn't a single off-key note at that event. The Elise Jolie sculpt was introduced for one. There were two Agnes (Agnii?), a gorgeous Eugenia, a Marilyn Monroe-like Dania, a light skinned Natalia and a beautiful Avantguard 12" clone.

The 'Iconic' theme referred to Jason's prior iconic doll designs. Luxe Life was meant to honor Veronique Perrin "Lush Life." (2001-02) This doll originally sold for $60. 
Integrity Toys Promotional Photo


Doll Observers Fashion Doll Awards - Public Voting Now Open

This blog has been nominated for an award by doll lovers. That feels very good. Now we'd like to beat out the competition which is pretty great!
Here's the listing of all the nominations.

Thank you in advance for your vote and for reading us!

What makes our DollObservers.com Fashion Doll Awards different is that both nominations and votes are made by doll lovers themselves. Now that the first stage of DollObservers.com members-only nominations have been counted and verified, it is time to finally announce the lucky nominees for this year. Public voting is now underway and you make your votes here.
Winners will be announced via the site on 22nd February 2015. (Was originally listed as January.)

Here are the 2015 #DOFDAs nominations in full:
Best Playline Fashion Doll
  • Barbie So In Style Day to Nite Trichelle (Mattel)
  • Barbie Style Midge (Mattel)
  • Ever After High Lizzie Hearts (Mattel)
  • Monster High Monster Exchange Program Draculaura (Mattel)
  • Kazumi Eco-Warrior (Zeenie Dolz)
Best Collectable Vinyl/Plastic Fashion Doll
  • Deja Vu Emma Jean's Grand Drama (Tonner Doll Company)
  • Joyous Celebration Poppy Parker (Integrity Toys)
  • Mistress of the Manor Barbie (Barbie Collector)
  • Montaigne Market Elise Jolie by Jason Wu (Integrity Toys)
  • Platinum Society Hanne Erikson (Integrity Toys)
Best Resin/Porcelain/BJD Fashion Doll
  • Alma Haute Doll Numina Exclusive (Paul Pham)
  • Aurum (Modsdoll)
  • Brunel  (Kingdom Doll)
  • Demi Couture Grace (JAMIEshow)
  • Voluptueux  (Superdoll Collectables)
Best Convention Exclusive Fashion Doll
  • Etiquette Paris Fashion Doll Festival Exclusive (Superdoll Collectables)
  • Fiorella Paris Fashion Doll Exclusive (Barbie Collector)
  • Intrigue Elise Jolie Fashion Royalty Gloss Convention (Integrity Toys)
  • Midnight Celebration Barbie Convention (Barbie Collector/Artist Creations)
  • Sofia "La Dolce Vita" Madrid Fashion Doll Exclusive (JAMIEshow)
Best Celebrity Fashion Doll
  • Cynthia Bailey (Prettie Girls)
  • Fan Bingbing (Barbie Collector)
  • Karl Lagerfeld Barbie (Barbie Collector)
  • Marlena (JAMIEshow)
  • Sheldon Cooper Big Bang Theory (Tonner Doll Company)
Best Fashion Doll Accessory
  • Barbie Style Ultimate Closet (Mattel)
  • Ever After High Tea Party Playset (Mattel)
  • Roombox (Regent Miniatures)
  • Sybarite Luggage Sets (Superdoll Collectables)
Best OOAK Fashion Doll Artist
  • Cholo Ayuyao
  • Jon Copeland
  • Magia2000
  • Sebastian Atelier
  • Shannon Craven
Best Fashion Doll Designer/Brand
  • David Buttry at Integrity Toys
  • Charles Fegan & Desmond Lingard at Superdoll Collectables
  • Robert Best at Barbie Collector
  • JAMIEshow
  • Kingdom Doll
Best Independent Online Fashion Doll Retailer
Best Corporate Fashion Doll Seller
  • Amazon
  • Barbie Collector
  • Ebay
  • Integrity Toys Direct
  • Tonner Doll Company
Best Fashion Doll Blog
  • Collecting Fashion Dolls by Terri Gold (terrigoldphoto.blogspot.com) - Terri Gold
  • Dutch Barbie World (https://dutchbarbieworld.wordpress.com ) - Rogier Corbeau
  • Papusile Mele (http://papusilemele.com) - Ada Bogoevici Soci
  • The Fashion Doll Chronicles (http://fashiondollchronicles.blogspot.com) - Stratos
  • Tommydoll (http://tommydoll.com) - Tom Courtney
The 2015 Innovations Award: Best Fashion Doll Hair
  • Barbie Collector
  • Integrity Toys
  • JAMIEshow
  • Tonner Doll Company
  • Superdoll Collectables

Place your votes here.

Today's Daily Dose of Vanessa - True Royalty

My re-rooted True Royalty Vanessa is lounging in a dress originally owned by Isha "Go North." (2011, IFDC)

For those of you who were not around for the drama in 2006 between Integrity Toys, Magma Heritage and the collectors who pre-ordered the doll, here goes.

 For approximately one year prior to her release, collectors knew that in order to get her we had to purchase Madison's (owner, Magma Heritage) calendar for $20. Essentially it was a lottery ticket to purchase this Atelier doll for $199. There were plenty of pissed off people who purchased the calendar, which was pretty nice anyway, and didn't get chosen. Several months before the "due" date of the doll, Integrity made an announcement that they were raising the price of the doll. My recollection is vague but I think it was $35. We had already made a deposit on a $199.99 doll. A few collectors balked and called foul claiming that the deposit was a contract, blah, blah. Integrity backed down but something happened between Madison and the company because after the doll was distributed, Madison was no longer a dealer and kind of disappeared from the Fashion Royalty scene.

The Singapore based store is still going strong and sells mainly Blythe and Pullip. Madison was an amazing photographer.

Here are IT's promotional photos of the Atelier doll, True Royalty.

BTW There have been only three Atelier dolls: Poesie Sans Couleur, True Royalty and A Brighter Side (Kyori.)  The presentation boxes were gorgeous tri-fold, padded exterior creations.
Those were the glory days of Fashion Royalty.


Daily Dose of Vanessa

Today's Vanessa is "Intoxicating Mix" wearing an outfit called "My Precious Luxury Wear. " This was given to us at the 2005 Toronto convention. It came with the teddy bear.
Vanessa was the souvenir doll.

 Recently I began posting photos from my Vanessa archives on my Collecting Fashion Dolls by Terri Gold's Facebook page. 

I thought it would be a good idea to coordinate the photos with this blog AND the FB page.
Here are the pictures I've posted of Vanessa recently:

If you are not already aware of it, this is a fantastic resource for Integrity Toys dolls: Jason Wu's Dolls Reference List 
I consult it on a regular basis to get names and dates correctly. And you thought I knew everything. Ha. 


Brief Pause For a Terrorist Reality Check

How Dutch cartoonist sees terrorist attack


2015 Tonner Collectors' Convention Announced

"Guilty Pleasures" Guilty Pleasures
Don’t be shy – we’re all guilty here! Welcome to the wide world of guilty pleasures! Like decadent desserts, binge watching your favorite TV shows, and frivolous luxury, the 2015 Tonner Convention is going to be Wilde… especially since it’s in Dallas, TX – the Wild West! Famous for hosting more restaurants per capita than New York City, local celebs Bonnie and Clyde, its sheer love of country clubs and more, Dallas is an exciting, urban city that will no doubt be the perfect backdrop for all our Guilty Pleasures!
This year’s fun will kick off with registration starting Friday morning, from 10a-12p, with events beginning later that very afternoon. For those that delight in ‘evening’ wear, the PJ Party is BACK with a ferocious appetite for fun! AND prepare yourselves for a super fabulous 16” fashion doll souvenir – a BRAND NEW collection debut that we are excited to welcome (back) to the Tonner Family.
Whatever your pleasure, Tonner has it all at the 2015 Guilty Pleasures Convention in Dallas, TX - Yeehaw!
Registration is $399 per person
$50 Deposit will hold your spot!