Summer Offer from Madame Alexander Doll Club

Here is a notice from the Madame Alexander Doll Club. You do not have to be a member to order.

Our beautiful Cissy celebrates one of the four Gaelic seasonal festivals. Beltane marked the beginning of summer and in the the long ago past the people of Ireland, Scotland, those in the north of the British Isles, marked Beltane with bonfires, flowers and jubilation. Dressed in a fine, spring green velvet overcoat over a creamy ivory dress with a Celtic style corselete, Cissy is ready to lead the festivities. Beltane Cissy was one of the stunning dolls from the 2009 Premiere and we have only five remaining in our inventory.  We are offering this beautiful doll for only $325.00 and as a special bonus you will receive the lovely Cissy outfit from the 2007 New Orleans Convention Cissy event with your purchase. Shipping is included in the price. 
In addition to our Beltane Cissy we have only two Queen Mab Cissettes from the same Premiere. Queen Mab is exquisite and would be a perfect addition to your collection of historical Madame Alexander dolls. Queen Mab is priced at $130.00 including shipping.
Do not miss the opportunity to add one or both of these significant dolls to your collection. 
Go to our website now to order:



Dolls Do Ralph Lauren

Collector Marty Jones posted the results of a project she did in which several of her dolls are fashioned after Ralph Lauren's runway models. Marty made two skirts, did some trimming and commissioned most of the rest of the fashions and accessories.

Isn't it wonderful to see how this avid and creative collector "plays" with her dolls?

Superdoll News

Those of us on Superdoll's mailing list got this email very early this morning:

It was a departure from the norm for them to give a time that something would be posted. So much of a departure that the items weren't even up at the stated time. I have no idea when they went up as I'm not the type that sits at the computer constantly refreshing the screen. However, there are many who did. So many that the Superdoll site crashed and remains out of commission at this time.
Of course, some did get to see the offerings and two very kind collectors sent me pictures.
First is the pair of OOAK dolls:
Seriously? This photo makes them look like munchkins...not at all appealing.

The fashion:

I don't know what's up with the math at the bottom of the page so just ignore that. Edition size unknown for the fashion.


Dolly News Updates

Convention season is almost upon us and there are things going on all over.

Kingdom Doll announced that they will be working with renowned doll artist/manufacturer Doug James. They're not saying what Doug will be doing exactly and that will be an interesting revelation. Fashions, perhaps? KD states that "Doug is the owner of JDJ International, creator of the "S: series of resin fashion dolls as well as the popular CED 19" fashion doll line. In addition, James has designed...for the Madame Alexander Doll Company, Integrity Toys, L.L. Knickerbocker and Ashton Drake."
Also, stay tuned for the announcement about the release of the next doll, Hadrian. 

Integrity Toys 2014 "Gloss" Convention sold out in two days. That's probably a record setting sell- out. There is a wait list. Link will take you there.
The second W Club exclusive doll was made available for pre-ordering by Club members only. She is the ultra popular Poppy with the favored so-called "Bergdorf" screening. (Right)

Why not release a redo of the Bergdorf doll? I have seen ridiculous prices for this gal. I sold a few for ridiculous prices myself. It is a very pretty doll.

Tonner Doll Company  continues to try to offload unsold goods at retail prices by calling them Warehouse Finds. Seriously, how messed up is their warehouse? 
If these items were sold out, there wouldn't be any for sale. We do have brains.
Lady Arabella was the convention souvenir. Carmen was the special optional purchase doll. None of these is at a reduced price but if you still want one, go for it.  Ordering is by telephone only. To place an order call 845-339-2960.
I've written many times about how selling convention dolls shortly after a convention detracts from that special feeling of getting a truly exclusive doll. It's disrespectful to those who paid to go to the convention. 

The Junky Spot announced Jun Planning's Groove Pullip "Make It Own" blank Pullip Kit.

This looks like fun and the price is so right at $34.99. I want one but do I have the motivation? Not really.
Made from ABS plastic.
Completely unpainted doll with disassembled head, ready for customization.

Comes with: body, head, eyelids, eyelashes, transparent eye chips, and screws.
You can paint the eye chips whatever color you want.
Height: 31cm
Bust: 10cm
Waist: 6.8cm
Hips: 10.7cm
Head: 24.5cm

Takes a size 9-10 wig (not included)