Shantommo Couture: Dark Fantasy Collection for 12" Dolls

In the endless pursuit for edgy and fashionable and affordable fashions for my dolls, I have become enchanted by Ryan Liang's creations. This is his latest collection called Dark Fantasy Collection 2015.

Description (each dress is pictured two times in the photo above.)

Raven Rouge: A one-piece bell-shaped high neck dress.

The Paris Affair: A two-piece outfit. Peplum top and pencil skirt.

Midnight Tangle: A one-piece dress and leather belt.

Dark black fabric with shiny faux fur. Accessories are not included.

Each fashion is $58. plus $8. postage.

Visit the Shantommo website to see many photos of his stunning work. 



The Next Kingdom Doll is Eira

Alexandra posted Eira's photo on Prego earlier today and the reception is, not surprisingly, very warm. I love this doll already.

Here's what Alex said:
Her name means Snow in my native language of Welsh (as many of you know I am from Wales) Amanda and I think she has a Snow White quality to her face/look hence the name......hope you like her.
 No other information was available.

Why Buy Anything?

Tomorrow, April 15, the Little Red Dress Barbie Doll will be released for sale @ $75.  I am impressed with neither the fashion nor the price.

Here is Mattel's description:
Barbie doll is simply stunning in an ensemble with dramatic details and highly detailed accessories. Ready to make a grand entrance at the next soirĂ©e, Barbie doll wears a coral satin evening coat with a cape-like collar over a lipstick red cocktail dress with tiers of flirty chiffon. Star-worthy accessories include a coral satin cocktail hat with feather trim, black stretch charmeuse shirred evening gloves, along with golden rhinestone earrings and a matching floral cuff. The finishing touches include a pair of glossy d’Orsay stiletto pumps and a glamorous updo. Doll is cast in Silkstone and features the original 1959 Barbie face sculpt.

For the first time since I've been a Barbie Collector member, I did not use the $20 quarterly credit. I tried, believe me. There is NOTHING that interested me enough to spend $ in order to save $. Ridiculous, isn't it?

There is a Silkstone coming in August called Lavender Luxe. She may join the tribe...or maybe not.  For an additional $24.95 (compared to Little Red Dress) you get a long-haired redhead wearing a gown that looks like it took some thought.

The jury is still out on Boucle Beauty, left.

I do like the suit, her cute face and the hairstyle and while they certainly don't look alike, Boucle immediately reminded me of Afternoon Lunch.

Silkstone "Blush Beauty" is a pretty doll however her outfit is, again, unremarkable and nothing new.

 She can't compare to the 2001 "Ravishing in Rouge," whose fashion is similar but so much nicer.

Like several other companies, the cutbacks in quality become evident when one compares the dolls produced 5 or more years ago. Diehard Silkstone collectors need to tear themselves away from the fantasy and take a long hard look at what they're buying now. I had to do that with certain segments of my collection and it wasn't easy but why buy anything less than great?


Announcing 2015 Luncheon - Celebrate 10 Years of MetroDolls!

I've attended several MetroDolls events over the past few years and I have always had a great time. 
Here is the club's announcement about their upcoming luncheon:

We are pleased to announce our next event "MetroDolls...Celebrating 10 Years" will be held on October 4, 2015 in Iselin, New Jersey. 
Robert Tonner is creating a beautiful 16" fashion doll souvenir for the event and we will be holding an OOAK auction to benefit St Jude Children's Research Hospital.


Hope to see you there!


"Grey Lady" Gets Her Man

The Grey Lady Gene Marshall doll was featured in a design contest held at the November, 2007 Gene Convention in Pittsburg, PA. Entrants were required to create a fashion for Gene using only shades of gray so that she would appear to be a 3D image from a black and white movie. Contestants did not see the doll until the event when they were given the doll to dress. Wayne Nilson was one of the talented designers.
Grey Lady Gene became one of the most sought after Gene dolls ever produced. Last September (2014), one sold for $2027.02 on eBay. 
Yesterday Wayne posted photos he called "Grey Lady Gets Her Man," showing both a Grey Lady Gene and Trent! 

 I asked Wayne to explain how he painted Trent. Here is his response:
Well, the most I can say about Grey Trent is that he was done using ordinary acrylic paints.  You need those, a good variety of brushes, some color sense and a steady hand.  That's really all it takes.  I only painted his head and arms up to the elbow.  No need to do any more than that because it won't show.  I did seal him with a coat of Mr. Superclear when I was finished.

He's been on the back burner for a long time.  I'm very happy to finally have him finished.  So is Gene.  She was quite lonely.
 He made it sound so easy that I might try it on a doll that isn't too important first.

Have you ever painted a doll?