Shantommo Couture: Dark Fantasy Collection for 12" Dolls

In the endless pursuit for edgy and fashionable and affordable fashions for my dolls, I have become enchanted by Ryan Liang's creations. This is his latest collection called Dark Fantasy Collection 2015.

Description (each dress is pictured two times in the photo above.)

Raven Rouge: A one-piece bell-shaped high neck dress.

The Paris Affair: A two-piece outfit. Peplum top and pencil skirt.

Midnight Tangle: A one-piece dress and leather belt.

Dark black fabric with shiny faux fur. Accessories are not included.

Each fashion is $58. plus $8. postage.

Visit the Shantommo website to see many photos of his stunning work. 



  1. These outfit look really good! Thank you for the link.

  2. These outfits are quite eye-catching. I could see them coming down the catwalk. My favorite is Midnight Tangle, though Raven Rouge is a close second.

  3. These are great!!!!!!!!