Chris Stoeckel's Trip to the Jersey Shore

As you may know, Chris Stoeckel is responsible for the wonderful period looks worn by Victoire  Roux and, most recently, Simonetta Bertorelli.

Like most doll lovers, he doesn't leave home without at least one doll. I asked Chris to send me a few pictures. He did and told me that he always tries to take a travel doll on trips as he'd rather look at pics of a doll than photos of himself when it's over.

These photos feature the glamorous Victoire.

One of the features that makes these photos so much fun to look at are the angles from which the photos were shot. Chris gets down to the level of the doll in most shots. The doll looks as if she could be life-sized as a result.

You can follow Chris on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/chris.stoeckel.31?fref=ts


Official Photos from the Gloss Fashion Royalty Convention

The Convention Collection:
From left to right: Adorned Vanessa, Grandiose Natalia, Nocturnal Glow Veronique, Cold Shoulder Eugenia, Dark Moon Poppy, La Ville Lumiere Simonetta and Nightshade Kyori Sato.

Store Exclusives
From left to right: After Hours Hanne, Dial V for Victoire and Wild Thing Poppy.

ITBE : Oomph, Zing and Jolt

Workshop: Time Served

I am still awaiting delivery of my pre-ordered convention collection. The jury is out on those dolls until I see them in person.
The ITBE dolls look cute until you see their dresses and shoes. They are $9.99 Barbie type clothes.
Time served is one of the worst-looking male dolls ever and the photo doesn't make it better.
Click on the photos to enlarge.

What do you think of the dolls?