Thanksgiving Feast™ Barbie® Doll

 An email went out to all BC.Com members today announcing the Thanksgiving Feast Barbie Doll which will be available only to members this month. No price was noted. Uh oh. 

Wouldn't it be nice if she could actually hold the tray? 
This doll reminds me of Maria Therese Bride Silkstone although their coloring is completely different. I don't know what it is about the two of them. She's cute and I love the vintage style of the outfit. I will be getting her. What about you?

Thanksgiving Feast™ Barbie® Doll
Gold Label™ Collection
Holiday Hostess™ Collection

Created exclusively for members of the 2010 BarbieSM Fan Club, Thanksgiving Feast™ Barbie® doll epitomizes the perfect hostess! With a nostalgic air, Barbie® wears a printed shirt dress, crisp apron with adorable bird appliqué, and faux pearl jewelry. Her side swept brown hair is pulled up into a bun. Accompanying “food” tray includes a turkey with all the trimmings.

Designed by Ann Driskill.
No more than 3100 units produced worldwide.


Preview of Four of Next Year's Barbie Fashion Model Collection

These are Mattel's images of some of next year's Barbie Fashion Model Collection of Silkstone dolls.  Pictures of the rest have not yet been released. Prices may vary according to dealer. Shop around.
BFMC  Darya Barbie $129.

BFMC  Russia Mila Barbie $89.

BFMC  Russia Ken $85.

BFMC  Verushka Barbie $149.

Again, the prices of Silkstone dolls are higher than they should be. It's about time they did something with the articulation because the dolls are adorable and collectible but they just stand there.


"Hot to Trot" Avantguard Doll on Sale at Mary T's Doll House

When I see a doll that was released only a few months previously go on sale for such a low price I wonder why. But...if you want this doll, it's a great price at $149.99. Who knows? If you wait a few more months the price might go down even further.

The original price was $220.

Link to Mary T's Doll House


IDEX 2011 Registration Opens

IDEX will be celebrating it's anniversary and "20 Years of Friendship" at the Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, Florida on January 27-30, 2011. The exhibitor list is filled with doll manufacturers and artists from all over the world. Several new exhibitors and retailers have signed up such as JPOP Dolls, Angelic Dreamz for JAMIEShow and Crawford Manor Dolls by Cavil Designs, Ltd.
Alexander Doll Co., Ashton Drake Galleries, Tonner Doll Co., and Wilde Imagination among scores of other 'regulars' will be displaying their gorgeous products. There are workshops and other events to please most collectors and artists as well. I know of three that I will definitely be signing up for.

The hotel is fabulous. First of all, it's HUGE. You could live there without ever leaving as there is a grocery store where all sorts of items are available including hot foods. There are several restaurants and a coffee shop, clothing boutiques, travel agent and all the usual services found at a resort.

Click here for the IDEX site.

Picture of the Week - 9/26/10 - NylonBleu

Many people know that the Haute Doll exclusive Innoquii "Traveler" went on sale for the unbelievable price of $75. about three weeks ago. Interest in this doll was revived and pictures began to pop up on the boards. One collector's pictures intrigued me. NylonBleu, who obviously has skill not only as a photographer but also with Photoshop, posted a series of images of Traveler. Here are some of my favorites:

The big black dot on the back wall is inspired.

The strange positioning of Traveler on this 1/6 scale shiny silver sofa is fun. Innoquii is strange and it suits her well.

If you would like to see more of NylonBleu's photography, click here.
This is the link to her blog.

There are still some Innoquii available but now they're being sold on eBay - for $75 plus postage. Go get it.