Preview of Four of Next Year's Barbie Fashion Model Collection

These are Mattel's images of some of next year's Barbie Fashion Model Collection of Silkstone dolls.  Pictures of the rest have not yet been released. Prices may vary according to dealer. Shop around.
BFMC  Darya Barbie $129.

BFMC  Russia Mila Barbie $89.

BFMC  Russia Ken $85.

BFMC  Verushka Barbie $149.

Again, the prices of Silkstone dolls are higher than they should be. It's about time they did something with the articulation because the dolls are adorable and collectible but they just stand there.


  1. I don't own any Silktsone, but I totally loved the Verushka doll, and the boots from Darya are fantastic!!

    I do agree that they seem very overpriced...

    I have been thinking on getting a couple of nude Silkstones, to out on FR bodies... I have seen some pics of that, and they look wonderfull, don't they?

  2. I'll probably just get the Russian Ken, other than that, they are outrageously priced.
    Would luv the outfits though.

  3. Stiff bodies are for coffins. I will never buy a non articulated doll again (unless of course I just need the fashion)

  4. @Alejandro - you are so funny!

  5. nice dolls but too expensive........

  6. Oh wow, I just noticed these dolls are ridiculously overpriced. Come on, they're just Silkstones.

    I say wait for them to show up at Tuesday Morning at the correct price.

  7. I almost stopped collecting Silkstone pieces because of this collection. I just don't understand what they were thinking. I didn't buy any of the pieces when they came out, but decided to buy the loose outfits on eBay a year later so as not to have a gap in my collection.