"Hot to Trot" Avantguard Doll on Sale at Mary T's Doll House

When I see a doll that was released only a few months previously go on sale for such a low price I wonder why. But...if you want this doll, it's a great price at $149.99. Who knows? If you wait a few more months the price might go down even further.

The original price was $220.

Link to Mary T's Doll House


  1. I know of collectors who would buy these dolls if they produced more of them with brown skin. With the exception of Livewire, which was a award winning doll, they have all been white.

  2. I'm not all that surprised that the dealers are lowering their prices on these girls. I really like the AGs and I'm hopeing that IT can turn this line around.
    They have been way too high priced for what they are and given that they are going on EBay for around 150 to 170 it sounds like the dealers are just acknowledging that they aren't going to move at the MSRP...or anywhere near it.
    Still anonymous only because I can't figure out the profile thing.
    Will C

  3. Sadly, I think when you enlarge "art" you see all the flaws. What works for the 11 inch Fashion Royalty doll, especially in screening and design, doesn't cut it in the 16 inch realm.

  4. I would love to have a 16'' doll, but first: I wouldn't have what to wear them (this is a 12'' house *lol*), and second: I am affraid I could fall inlove, wich brings me to the third point: I really can't afford falling inlove with any other dolls =)