Madame Alexander Does Tony Curtis in Drag

Tony Curtis as Joe AKA Shell Oil Junior by Madame Alexander
21 Inch Tall fully articulated Mr. Alexander Doll
Retail $749.95

Madame Alexander boldly goes where Mattel fears to tread. In this case it's not a male figure wearing a patterned sport jacket and pink shirt,
Sugar's Daddy Ken Mattel Image

 it's a dressed male figure who can be transformed into a woman:

MA Promotional Photos

As for his second look, the one where he dresses like a woman... all the components for his transformation are contained in his black suitcase that has a pink handle and Some Like It Hot logo.
MA Promotional Photo
 Included are: a short sleeved, black georgette 'flapper' dress that's trimmed with black sequin insets, black fringe at the hips and hem and a beige net inset at the neck. Black stretch mesh, elbow length, fingerless mitts, black thigh-high stockings, an auburn bob wig that features bangs and fits over the pompadour and a black velveteen headband trimmed with silver beads and a rhinestone star applique. In addition, Joe comes with black rimmed glasses, silver and rhinestone earrings, a silver and rhinestone choker with front looped detailing and of course, a gold saxophone.

In the 1959 Oscar winning movie, Some Like It Hot, Tony Curtis plays Joe and Josephine. The movie's background information is very interesting and lends importance to the fact that the MA company is forward-thinking in producing this doll. Remember, they produce many dolls for young children.
 It was released at the end of the repressive 1950s at a time when the studio system was weakening, the advent of television was threatening, and during a time of the declining influence of the Production Code and its censorship restrictions. Director-producer Wilder challenged the system with this gender-bending and risqué comedy, filled with sly and witty sexual innuendo (the "sweet" and "fuzzy end of the lollipop" represented oral sex), unembarrassed vulgarity, free love, spoofs of sexual stereotypes (bisexuality, transvestism, androgyny, homosexuality, transsexuality, lesbianism, and impotence), sexy costuming for the well-endowed, bosomy Marilyn Monroe, an outrageous and steamy seduction scene aboard a yacht, and a mix of serious themes including abuse, alcoholism, unemployment, and murder, among others. 
Marilyn Monroe As Sugar Kane Kowalczyk 
21 Inch Tall Fully Articulated Cissy
Retail $499.95
MA Promotional Photo

This is the character Monroe played in the same movie. What an outfit! If you have never seen MA Cissy outfits in person, you are missing a treat. Here is the description of this fashion:

She's wearing a smokin' hot 20's dress of off-white crinkle chiffon which dips to the waist in back. The nude mesh bodice of the sexy dress is enhanced with embroidered beads, sequins and metallic silver lace while the body of the dress is rich with metallic silver 'cracked ice' and silver bugle beads. A metallic silver applique on the left shoulder features strands of silver bugle beads that hang off the front and back of the shoulder. Off-white stretch lace panties, a luxurious, white 'fur' stole lined in white satin, a silver bracelet, silver and rhinestone earrings and, white satin pumps, with a silver metallic mesh overlay plus silver beads, completes the hot look for Sugar who comes with a ukulele.
Lots of collectors that I know just can't get past the baby-faced Cissy look. I was one of those. But after a few years of looking at pictures, I relented and got my first.  I have five Cissy dolls now. They can be very pricey and they take up lots of vertical space. If there is room in your collection for just one big doll, you might consider a Cissy. 

As with many dolls, prices can vary wildly, even on new issues or pre-orders. Do your research and happy hunting.


Dovima ~ Vera Wang ~ Barbie

Dovima is undeniably one of the best known super models of the past. Her name inspires images of glamour and grace and the finest fashion photography of Richard Avedon.
Dovima by Richard Avedon (Harper's Bazaar 1950)
 Vera Wang is a contemporary New York designer known for her trademark bridal gowns which have been worn by numerous celebrities in real life, in movies and on television.  Before opening her own salon in 1990, she was the senior fashion editor for Vogue for sixteen years. Early in her career she trained as a figure skater and participated in championship events.

Vera Wang Spring 2010

Wang and Mattel have teamed up to produce the Vera Wang™ Bride: The Traditionalist Barbie® Doll.  This doll was just released for sale on April 14, 2011 at the retail price of $159.99.  Edition size is 2,500. 

The gowns are very pretty. Unfortunately the stiff model body is just that, stiff. They're OK for those who will keep their dolls boxed. But for the rest of us who believe in playing with our dolls, the actual doll is useless. For $159. an articulated doll is a must. I don't care whose name is on the gown. You can get a doll wearing Jason Wu for that price and she will be completely articulated.
Dovima Gown

Buyers can opt to replace the Vera Wang standard packaging with a letterpressed monogram of their choice applied to the front of the doll box at no additional charge.

A previous Wang/Mattel collaboration produced this stunning gown which is beautifully photographed here by Rebecca Berry on an Elise FR2 doll:

Photograph by Rebecca Berry
The Romanticist by Vera Wang/Mattel ~ September, 2008 ~ Mfr.  Photo
The edition size of the Gold Label brunette bridal doll was under 9,000 and the retail price was $150.  The blonde was the Platinum Label version. I've seen asking prices for the platinum version in the $499.—$700. range. The brunette is easily available under $150.

A 1997 Vera Wang Barbie Bride Doll. Labeled 1st one in the series. Current prices range from about $99.—$199.

Will you be ordering the latest Wang Barbie bride?


Mostly Not Doll Related

2011 Relay For Life of Kingston NY
Saturday, May 21, 2011 11:00AM - Sunday, May 22, 2011 1:00AM at Dietz Memorial Stadium

 I'm doing something I've never done before, participating in the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life. We've been told to ask everyone we know for donations because pretty much everyone has been touched by the disease. I feel a little uncomfortable asking for donations through my blog; but...if I don't ask...there won't be donations, so here it is.

Please make a donation to help the American Cancer Society create a world with less cancer and more birthdays.  Together, we can help make sure that cancer never steals another year of anyone's life.

If you live in the New York area, please join my team!

Visit my personal page to read more about the event and to donate.  

Just for fun, here's an iPhone picture of one of my adorable PukiPuki dolls. She will be with me at the Relay.


SALE on NEW (and OLD) Fashion Sets at Tonner Direct

This week Tonner Direct is calling their groupings of items Fashion Collection Gift Sets. They are taking 20% off plus offering free shipping. The promo piece is somewhat confusing because it starts off with Tyler Boutique items but says nothing about them except that the NEW fashion sets will not show until the beginning of the sale on Wednesday, April 13th at Noon EDT. So I guess the sets below are the OLD fashion sets? I thought this sale was over.

These are the sets or some of the sets. I don't know. Go tomorrow to find out for yourself.     <-(Click)

This is called the Lord of the Rings "Starter Pack"  Is that the same as "entry level?"
12" HARRY POTTER™ and RON WEASLEY™ Collector Set
Ladies of Oz Set
13" Women of Power Set
Clash of the Titans™ Set
LOTR Set 2, Elven Set
It could be stuff like this:

I do love those black skirts.


Silkstone Francie

Sandi Holder's Doll Attic announced earlier this week that the forthcoming Silkstone Francie will be a Dealer Exclusive and only available at authorized Mattel dealers (and all over eBay.) She didn't say the part about eBay.
It seems that prior to this announcement, some of her customers had pre-ordered the doll at $79.99. The price has been raised to $89.99 now.
She posted that she is going to honor the price for those who have pre-ordered.
Photograph by Michael Williams
She's very cute but just another unarticulated, pricey doll.

A collector just let me know that the Francie Silkstone doll is for preoder in Cherysdolls for $59.

Renegade Restyled ~ Magnificent Monogram ~ Cissette

I'm in love with this doll. I think she is gorgeous. I went from not having one at all to having a dressed one and a nude!
The dressed Renegade will keep her odd hairstyle intact but the nude has had hers taken down, boiled straighter, trimmed to hang properly and conditioned. Here is the result:

She's wearing an older dress by SL Designs and the jewelry from the Redefined Accessories set. That's the set that comes with the resin Monogram bust, a big black hat, shoes and a handbag. It's actually very nice. I don't really need the bust but I suppose I can use it as a photo prop. The hat is not necessary either as I have nicer black hats. I love the jewelry which consists of earrings, necklace and bracelet. The shoes and handbag are white with black patent trim...both very attractive. FR2 arches are higher than Monogram arches but the shoes fit.

Magnificent Monogram

I was not going to buy this doll because I have more than enough Monogram dolls and her gown appeared to be the same design as one from the convention in a different color. But then I was enabled by seeing IRL photos of the gown and the jewelry and I went for it. I am not sorry. The mole on her face has to go but otherwise I like her and the gown is drop dead gorgeous as is the jewelry.  I love dolls with updos. They stay neat. It's the extremely high foreheads that throw me occasionally. This gal has a great deal of real estate above her eyebrows.

She's still available at several dealers. I recommend her.

My not-so-secret passion for Madame Alexander Cissettes was (temporarily) satisfied by the purchase of this Bloomingdales' Coral & Leopard Cissette.
She is 8" tall and has an incredibly detailed and fashionable outfit. Of course her Bloomingdales shopping bag is the cutest ever. Under the pink swing coat is a leopard blouse and a skirt..adorable!

She will display beautifully alongside my Macy's and Neiman Marcus Cissettes (below) even though she is 2" shorter than they. She is an earlier 'model' Cissette and they were shorter.
Macy's Cissette
Neiman Marcus Cissette
Although this next tiny beauty has no shopping bag, they're taking  her along.
Houndstooth Cissette 8"