Silkstone Francie

Sandi Holder's Doll Attic announced earlier this week that the forthcoming Silkstone Francie will be a Dealer Exclusive and only available at authorized Mattel dealers (and all over eBay.) She didn't say the part about eBay.
It seems that prior to this announcement, some of her customers had pre-ordered the doll at $79.99. The price has been raised to $89.99 now.
She posted that she is going to honor the price for those who have pre-ordered.
Photograph by Michael Williams
She's very cute but just another unarticulated, pricey doll.

A collector just let me know that the Francie Silkstone doll is for preoder in Cherysdolls for $59.


  1. I wonder if her body will be updated like Silkstone Barbie & Ken, or exactly the same as vintage Francie. Either way, she's cute, but I won't be getting her.

  2. So kind of Sandi to honor her advertised price.
    So not kind to raise the suggested price, when preorder was NEVER said it was temporary.
    I think I will pass, too.

  3. I like Francie a whole lot, and was excited about the Silkstone, but this left me cold. Her eyes are just so lifeless and dull. You'd find the exact same eye decals on a regular playline doll. Barbie Silkstones are interesting because they're somewhat different than the originals, while she on the other hand, just feels like a boring rehash of the original.

  4. And styled/posed terribly, I might add. Why would anyone want this doll? Call me bitchy...so signed,


  5. I think she is cute, but wasn't aware that she is a Silkstone body. I've been passing on Barbie dolls these days considering that I prefer articulated nowadays. Also the price factor. They are ridiculously priced.

  6. I think I'm the only Barbie collector who doesn't care for the articulationess.

  7. @Pattidolls: What is articulationess?

  8. I like the dog.. I am not into repro dolls..

  9. I think she has an adorable face, and I love her suit...but these dolls are not for me ^_^

  10. have been on a little doll rollercoaster -- convinced i would get her, then finding out the raised price deciding i can't, then finding your gracious note showing cheryl's dolls price and now i am getting her! yay!!! thank you SO much! hopefully this price won't rise. many thanks to you and the kind tipster. (=
    i haven't ordered from cheryl's before, didn't know about this dealer. they got a new customer.

  11. Hi Terri!
    Just read on BC.com bulletin board(posted by one of the mods)that there will be TWO Francie Silkstones this year...
    One will be a dealer exclusive and the other a BC.com exclusive.
    (pretty sure that's how it read) lol
    Hope that helps with the updates!

    talk later!

  12. @Vin: I rely on readers like to to gather extra info for me. There's so much out there to cover.

  13. I adore her outfit and as for the face up -- with Mattel there is often quite a bit of change between promo and production. That goes for the outfit and hair as well actually. I'm waiting to see the production doll. She's on a long "Wait-N-See" list with the Russian themed Silkstones, the Grace Kelly Silkstones and some of the vinyl collector Barbies. But I remain hopeful!!!

  14. I love the outfit but the doll seems more like a statue than the Francie I remember playing with as a kid. Its a pretty doll but I just don't get 'Francie' out of it. Francie was carefree and spirited, this seems like a cold statue with her hairstyle. I will probably keep collecting the real thing because they cannot ever be improved upon, even 40+ years later.