3-D Printed Wig Stands by PB Ray

One of the super creative members of our doll community, PB Ray, gifted me with these two printed wig stands. I know 3-D printing has been around for several years but I am impressed at how it's being used in the doll world these days.

The tall one is sporting a Sybarite sized wig and the shorter one is wearing a Kingdom Doll wig. The stands have a nice 'tooth' that keeps slippery wigs in place.

PB sells the stands on Etsy. Apparently, they have become so popular that you have to get on a wait list!

Priced well at just under $10., they come in black in the two sizes shown. Shipping is $8. in the US for up to 6 stands.



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Ryan Roche Miniature Mannequin Doll Collection & Kadira from Phyn & Aero

Ed Note: This is a re-done version of a post I made two days ago.

Yesterday, Phyn & Aero debuted their Summer 2018 releases.

The promotional text:
Ryan Roche Miniature Mannequin Doll Collection
Ryan Roche's full size work has been featured extensively in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and WWD and is sold only through the finest retailers in the country. Subtle, feminine shades and luxurious textures are inherent to each collection and tell the poetic story of the distinct sensibility in which it is rooted.
Now, for the first time, exacting miniaturized replications of her designs are available for the doll collecting community! Every Ryan Roche mannequin outfit is designed to represent the look and feel of the exquisite work of renowned designer, Ryan Roche.  Extremely limited, every RR cashmere outfit is made by a womans cooperative in Nepal with the same yarns and colors that Ryan uses in her collection. Ryan oversees the production of the prototypes to her exacting specifications.
Estimated shipping is Third Quarter, 2018.

The basic doll comes in four different rooted saran hair colors: midnight, sable, platinum and copper. The retail price of each of these basics is $130, dresssed as shown.

The body used is the same used for the new Wonder Woman, Scarlett O'Hara and Outlander dolls.
The perfect model for the most exclusive fashion doll clothing ever made. The Ryan Roche mannequin stands 16" tall with 15 points of articulation and is made of meticulously finished hard plastic and vinyl...The Ryan Roche mannequin has an exquisitely detailed face up designed and directed by Ryan Roche. Wearing a mid-length, bias cut slip dress of nude matte charmeuse and matching high heel, faux leather pumps, she looks every bit a Ryan Roche muse. Stand with acrylic base is included with each mannequin.
Really? "The perfect model for the most exclusive fashion doll clothing ever made?" It doesn't look it to me. I think their faces are dull and lifeless. I also think the photographs are poorly done and difficult to see clearly.

The crocheted horror on the doll above reminds me of a holiday gift I was given when I was a teacher. A parent of one of my students made it. It was a doll with a huge skirt intended to be put over your extra roll of toilet paper which you certainly kept on the toilet tank. No thank you. 
The photo on the right is one of Roche's human designs.

Below a runway version you see on one of the dolls. I like it on the model, not on the doll. Not everything translates well on dolls.

The dolls are open editions. The outfits are LE 100 and are priced separately from $225. for the cable dress with wrap sweater, to $180 for the trousers and sweater outfit, to $150 for the crocheted dress.

If I needed 16" vinyl and hard plastic dolls again, I'd buy Tylers and Sydneys off eBay or from other collectors. At least they're attractive. Ms. Roche, don't give up your day job. Jason Wu is successful at interpreting his own fashions for dolls. But he started with designing for dolls and then became famous for human designs. Working in reverse clearly doesn't always work. Check out his work.


Andrew Yang's "Kadira" now offers an extensive set of options for blanks, open and closed eye painted heads, painted nudes, wigs, outfits and dressed dolls in two skin tones.
Kadira's premiere collection reflects the ever-changing landscape of modern doll collecting starting with her 12.5" sculpt, raw and striking in its blank form, tightly strung together, delicately articulated and crafted from high quality resin.
She is a doll with a story but one you get to create through your own designs, a curated selection of painted nude dolls styled with wigs, outfits and accessories or fully dressed beauties for those who are ready to pose and play.
Estimated shipping is third quarter 2018 except for the Kadira blank pale and tan dolls which will ship at the end of June.

Full body Blanks $295 .

Blank Heads $50.

Closed Eye Heads $85.

Painted Bodies Nudes (Dramatic and Classic in Pale and Tan) $345. LE15 and LE20

There are two dressed dolls, separate fashions, a wig set and a shoe pack available as well.


For more details and descriptions, I highly recommend Happily Ever After's website at: https://www.happily.com/category-s/135.htm