IDEX Friday, April 12, 2013

Written on Saturday morning.

Friday was a fun, busy day. In the morning we toured the IDEX showroom and spent time chatting with Robert Tonner, Jack Kralik, The Angelic Dreamz Guyz and Michelle of Wilde Imagination and others.
IDEX has changed dramatically from the last one I attended. It's about 1/3 the size. Major companies such as Madame Alexander are not here. Attendance was sparse and many of the booths seemed underpopulated. However, some of the booths were fantastic and beautifully designed.

Because the hotel internet connection is crawling, I had to upload yesterday's pictures to my Facebook page. Clicking on the image below will take you there.  When I return home, I will post the images on this blog for those who cannot see Facebook. 

I have edited the pictures down to my favorites. You will see a fire engine outside the hotel. At one point an announcement came over the PA system ordering everyone to exit the building. Apparently it was a false alarm.

In the late afternoon, Bob and I went to see Olympus Has Fallen. It is not a movie for the faint of heart and definitely not for children. Holy Crap! It was exhausting just watching it. I do recommend it for the action and excitement and it is very timely. However I hope that it's an impossible scenario because it is very frightening.
From the hotel we walked (yes, walked) to Universal Studio's City Walk. This is their nightclub, bar, movie, restaurant, entertainment area. Talk about assaulting the senses! The lights, noise, activity and smells were Manhattan on steroids minus the buses and taxis. There is stuff going on everywhere. It was amazing. We played it safe and ate dinner at Bubba Gumps - not bad at all.

Walking back to the hotel after dark was very peaceful. The landscaping around the parks is gorgeous. The weather last night was delightful and calm compared to Thursday night when it was very windy and rainy. 
Back at the hotel we passed the bar on the way to our elevator and we spied Mel among a few others. I was happy to say hello to him and glad that he arrived safely. In a few hours we will get to see and hear him introduce the new doll. I'm excited!

IDEX Tonner Event Lizette Doll

I was not there but here is the event Lizette.

Very cute!


Blogging from Orlando

We arrived safely and that's the most important thing. But traveling is so difficult and tiring these days.
I ran into a few doll people today but nothing else is happening. The artists and dealers were busy setting up their booths and that was a closed affair.
The weather was beautiful today - sunny, warm and breezy. It felt so good after the extraordinarily long winter we had in Pennsylvania.
Since there were no dolls to photograph, I photographed a chair. Made sense to me.


Parting Shot

We're leaving for IDEX in the wee hours tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to the Mel Odom event and seeing other doll buddies without a computer between us.
The spousal unit and I will also play at Universal for a few days. It's going to be so much fun.

Here is a quick picture I took of Inro the other day. I've been trying out different wigs. I like her in the darker shades.  I did get a wonderful new wig from Ilaria yesterday and it will make it's appearance in FDQ soon.


Watch Mel's Presentation LIVE!

George of Angelic Dreamz just announced that they will be live streaming the IDEX presentation at the Mel Odom/FDQ/Jamieshow event in Orlando on Saturday April 13, 2013 from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM EDT

Here is the information and the link to join.


It's my understanding that other portions of the 3 day IDEX will also be broadcast but I do not have the specifics.

George also posted on Studio Commissary that the new doll will have a different body from the Jamieshow dolls. Will she be closer to the Gene Marshall body? Will a resin Trent follow eventually? Oh my.


The Girls Are Ready to Welcome a New Sister!

Gene is ready to party down with a new sister. Even Madra can't wait - or so she says.

Tonner Convention - Age of Innocence, May 16—19, 2013

Here is the information about the upcoming Tonner convention with links to hotel, agenda, seminars and workshops, competition categories and more.

Age of Innocence

2013 Tonner Convention - Age of Innocence


Welcome to the gilt, glamour and intrigue of The Age of Innocence—the Tonner Doll Company 2013 Collector’s Convention!  We’ll explore times past both real and imaginary and from whimsical childlike innocence to sophisticated elegance.  This magical weekend begins on May 16th and will be filled with honest-to-goodness merriment--and you just may have the time of your life!

Robert Tonner and staff have packed this whirlwind weekend full of delightful fun.  We’ll visit candy land and Dr. Seuss; we’ll time travel to the Gatsby-esque elegance of the 1920’s and the swinging sixties, and meet in the grand ballroom for the enchanting Carousel Ball for dinner, dessert, and dancing! 

And let’s not forget the Wilde side of things, where the absence of innocence prevails!  This year’s Wilde Imagination event is included with your Tonner Convention registration, and the dolls will be available for purchase.   Effanbee’s little sweetheart will be making an appearance too, resplendent in her wide-eyed glory, and she’s as innocent as a lamb!

Each attendee will receive two 16” fashion dolls, one being a splendid souvenir doll—one of the most exquisite to date!   We will also feature a tremendously stocked sales room, flourishing favors, an impressive OOAK Charity Auction, and the stupendous Raffle Room  at a new and improved time - This year, we will be holding the raffle BEFORE the Carousel Ball banquet, leaving MORE time for the banquet event!  In addition, registration includes 3 meal events and a dessert event!  

Revisit a more innocent age and join Robert Tonner and company for a timeless Tonner Convention, won’t you?  

Limited to 300 attendees, Registration cost is $399
$50 holds your seat, so sign up now!

The Westin Lombard Yorktown Center
70 Yorktown Center
Lombard, IL 60148
Phone: (630) 719-8000
for the special rate of $141.00


Paul Pham's Numina Nimbus

The latest Numina went live last week and sold out in about a minute.  She is an edition of 50 and cost $700. Paul's dolls are gaining popularity with every new release.

Here is the description from Paul's site: 
Pale skintone, blue-grey eyes with stormy charcoal shadow and matte nude lips. Long loosely curled strawberry blonde wig by Ilaria. Sky blue silk satin trench, lined in pale silver silk habotai with metallic sequin/beading detail at shoulders and pockets, belted with a pieced "leather" obi. Underneath is a soft pink chiffon and metallic lace slip dress. Completing the look, a pair of dark grey thigh high "suede" wedge boots.

 Photos by Paul Pham.


To: Satriani from Lamongan, Jawa Timur, Indonesia

So you like my blog? Enough to copy hundreds of pages word for word? I suggest you take your blog down before you are banned from using Blogger ever again.  What is wrong with you?