A tutorial on how to replace doll eyelashes by Laurie Lenz

Lashing Out! Eyelash tutorial.

What you need:
*Eyelashes...preferably a strip without glue on it. (Dollmore, or Volks sell them.)

*Aleene's Quik Dry Tacky Glue 
(I recommend the Quik Dry, or you'll be waiting for FOREVER.)
(Never EVER EVER use Crazy Glue! It's from the devil.)

*Angled tweezers

*Angled scissors (that little piece of yarn is there to warn my family--"touch & die.")


*Damp Cotton Swab (not pictured.)

Hold your eyelash strip up to the doll's eye to get a rough estimate of how much you'll need.

Cut the section off the strip and gently roll your lash around a pencil to give it some curl.

Take the Quik Dry Tacky Glue and apply it to a toothpick.
(This is a water based glue.  If you ever want to remove the lashes, just wet a Qtip and dab on the lashes and they will come off. Never use any glue but a water based glue. )
Dot dot dot the glue from her tear duct to the center of her eye. (Do not go past the center.)

Apply tacky glue to half of the eyelash.
See that Q-tip? I always have a damp one there just in case I get some glue on my doll
so I can quickly wipe it off.

Allow to sit for a few seconds and then with your angled tweezers, place the lash against the eyelid -glue to glue.

With a clean toothpick, gently press the lash into place.
Go make a sandwich, waste time on Facebook, place a bid on a doll, or move your wash to the dryer, and allow the glue to dry.

Once the glue has set, press the eyelash down, so you can judge where it needs to end.

Pull the lash up gently, and cut to fit.

Pull the lash back and run a bead of glue on her upper lid, 
and run a bead of glue on the back of her eyelash.
With the clean toothpick, press down and position.

Allow the spider lady's eyes to dry.

Once they are dry, take your angled scissors and trim the lashes.

From ordinary to extraordinary. Love those lashes, Daphne!


All text and photos in this post are by Laurie Lenz

Laurie's website is called "Laurie Lenz Angels Doll Studio" and you can see her fabulous work at this link:


Integrity Toys Basic Edition 16-Inch Capsule Collection

Four new 16" dolls were offered to W Club members for early purchase today (May 11.) They will be available to the public depending upon availability on May 12 at 10 AM.

Using the FR16 body, three of them sport Avantguard sculpts and one uses the Elsa sculpt. The clothes are rather basic but do not look trashy. Their hair is rooted. The price of $99. + postage seems reasonable as well. Each has a very low edition of only 200 and they are available without a wait.

Head Sculpt: Elsa 1.0
Skin Tone: New Hispanic
Hair Color: Brunette

Head Sculpt: AvantGuards™ (Open Mouth)
Skin Tone: FR White
Hair Color: Raven
ITBE 16-Inch Capsule Collection
Head Sculpt: AvantGuards™ (Open Mouth)
Skin Tone: Light Honey
Hair Color: Light Brown 


Head Sculpt: AvantGuards™ (Closed Mouth)
Skin Tone: New Hispanic
Hair Color: Sable (Dirty Blond)
I do plan to order Reflective as I am a fan of the open mouth AG sculpt and I like her hair and skin tone. I may eventually have her cartoon brows repainted.
It's interesting that Forward who they say is also using the open mouth AG sculpt, doesn't look it. She looks more like a giant Poppy with duck lips. Perhaps it's the lighting that's making her mouth look like that. 
I wonder if anyone else has noticed on their FR16 bodies that the right foot turns inward slightly. I can see it in all of the pictures and both my FR16 bodies have the same thing going on. Even looking back at all the previous releases in which one can actually see the ankle on the dolls, they all have the same thing going on. It is a defect in the ankle joint, not a photographer style although he does turn the feet in in many photos. This is different. 

If Integrity started designing and dressing their 16" dolls to look like these again, I'd be in trouble.



Integrity Toys "How To" Videos

Integrity has several how to videos, several of which may be applicable to other dolls as well. I'm listing the most often asked about here and ultimately they will migrate to the right hand column of this blog site for future reference.

How to Safely Disassemble the FR2013 or NuFace Body

How to Safely Switch a Doll's Head

How to Safely Enlarge or Create a Doll's Earring Holes

How to Tighten Loose Knee Joints on a Doll

How to Reshape the Sole of a Shoe to Make the Heel the Correct Length