Superdoll Collectables: "Columbia"

A new Gen X Sybarite was revealed today. Here is the description from the Superdoll website:

I think I'll wear flowers.
Taking in the neighbourhood sights while strutting her stuff in Trendiest East London.

Venus knows her way around this part of town... it's home!

NEW! GENX.2 body!
NEW! Cosmetique skintone!

Her waist length wig is a delicate blend of black, dark chocolate and copper with subtle V cut fringe, serving 'edge'! Eyes of marigold and triffid surrounded by shadow in rose, olive, vanilla and charcoal. Heavy olive liner on her lids. Brows of coffee accentuated with a stroke of black. Lips the colour of summer begonia.
Her Cosmos print uber mini wrap dress bears delicate ties in olive silk, firstly to show off her waist and secondly to hope the wind lifts her wrap to show off her leopard print panties! To keep her cool, she wears a floral lace printed cardigan, just tight enough to show off all her curves.
Coffee coloured hose, a pair of gorgeous leaf and mocha platform open toe lace up sandals , bearing lazer cutout detail. These along with a long sling leopard print pouch bag dripping in gilt accessories emblazoned with a gilt union jack are her accessories of choice.
Just when you thought that was enough she picked up her oversized multicolour enamel tassel necklace and popped on her divine chocolate coloured wide brim hat.
Good to go, she then added multiple hippy bracelets... just because she should!

The sun is shining outside Darlings!
Clone: 1000 Venus d'Royce

Of course she comes with the following standard accessories:
-manic_cure hands (see booklet for hand change instructions)

In stock.
Shipping will commence 11 May 2016.

In stock and ready to be delivered
Price: £245.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

She has a pretty face but is not a must have for me. The fashion is not my taste. I love that adorable handbag, though. 
245 British Pound equals $354.91 US. Postage is usually $65 for a doll.


Misty Copeland Barbie® Doll

 Released today, a lovely new Barbie Doll with a body that actually has volume in the bust, thighs and calves. The retail price is $29.95  Impressive!

Mattel's Promo: 
As the first African American female Principal Dancer with the prestigious American Ballet Theatre, Misty Copeland is an inspirational star, paving the way for future dancers all over the world! Her fire red bodysuit, with sunburst orange tulle cutouts, stretches over her perfectly poised body, while layers of red and orange tulle tease a luxurious red tail. A vibrant tulle headpiece tops off her elaborate look, adding drama and flair. The doll features a brand-new ballerina body, with a face sculpted to Misty's likeness!

She looks preggers here.
The doll is dressed up in Copeland's Firebird dance costume. It's "articulated," which is Mattel speak for extremely flexible and able to be posed in various ballet positions. To truly capture Copeland's likeness, the company took numerous photos and sent the dancer various prototypes to critique.
"We looked at her nose and made sure it was a little bit wider than Barbie's actually is, and that her lips were fuller and that she had a little almond shape to her eyes," she says.
"Something I kept saying was 'make her bust bigger!' I wanted it to really represent me, and for it to really, truly be like my body."
The doll has strong muscles, which Copeland says was important to her. She's glad that Barbie is "truly representing" a real athlete.
 Excerpt from an article by Yohana Desta
 The real dancer is a true doll.


Purse of the Month Club

For several years Diana Wieler and her sister, Janet Ellis, have been creating monthly doll-sized handbags and coordinating outfits. I have posted about it before http://terrigoldphoto.blogspot.com/search?q=Purse+of+the+Month+Club and in many of my photos one of their bags shows up on the arm of a doll.
Their business name is La Boutique and this month's offering has a nautical theme for it's miniature Chanel bags. These are just adorable!
These are suitable for 1/6 scale dolls (12") but you can ask if it's possible to have it made in 1/4 scale for 16" dolls. 

Chanel Nautical Charm Bag
Live a charmed life! Each quilted leather bag features 5 custom-made charms, a thread-through leather and chain handle, and CC logo over the closure. $40.00 + shipping

You can expect an extremely well-constructed product that both you and your girls will adore.

They are also offering a coordinated tote set and a lovely sheath, below.

Tote Set
Bold stripes and a modified CC logo are topped with a chain and anchor dangle. Includes a long red logo scarf. $30.00

Navy and White Dress
Fresh and fashionable for spring! This classic knit dress is shaped, and includes a detached belt. $55.00

In addition to the basic offerings above, every month, they create an "Elite Ensemble."

Elite Ensemble
Dramatic high fashion, this month's Elite gives nautical a new look! Includes jacket, fringed skirt, red bodysuit, over-sized sailor hat, necklace, earrings, Special Edition Tote, shoes and your choice of Chanel Nautical Charm bag. 160.00 + shipping

Check out this month's products and then gaze upon the mouth-watering products of the past. You will not be disappointed!


To order and for more information contact dianawieler@hotmail.com.