Swirl Ponytail Barbie & My Favorite Black Barbie - Vintage Reproductions

If I collected Barbies, I'd definitely get this set. It looks so cute. I love the record player and records. The pink checked dress is adorable and the doll looks like the real thing. And, I'm guessing she will not have green ear. Priced at $40. at Marsha's Dollhouse, it seems like a pretty decent buy.

Another attractive and well-priced set is called My Favorite Black Barbie. She comes clad in a full length gown, lots of jewelry and accesories and what appears to be a gold trimmed, white tuxedo type suit. I don't like the "Do the Hustle" pose on this doll but she's a cutie with a great afro and is a good candidate for a body transplant. The blog, Black Doll Collecting, has an interesting post and pictures of the original Black Barbie.

In my opinion, the only one who can get away with wearing a white pant suit with one arm in the air is John Travolta.
My Favorite Career dolls, part of the My Favorite Barbie Doll line will see:
a Registered Nurse

a Student Teacher

a Pan American Airways Stewardess

and Miss Astronaut Barbie Dolls.

I like all of them! On BarbieCollector.com these are priced at $39.95. My Favourite Doll has them listed at $49.95. USD and CDN.

There is something wholesome about the vintage dolls (and copies thereof) lacking in the uber-sophisticated Barbies of today. But that's probably what our grandparents might have said 40 years ago about the dolls from their childhood.


Jason Wu Puts On Another Hat

According to a W Club Update email sent out yesterday, Jason Wu has "taken on a consulting position for the coming year with Madame Alexander, to help guide and update the direction of a few of their doll lines, including Cissy."

Does this mean that Cissy will get a waist, thin legs and turquoise eye shadow?
Will we get a Mini Cissy?
Wait a minute...there already is a Mini Cissy. She's called Cissette.
So what's he going to do?
Cissy the Vampire? Couture Noir already looks a little like a vampire.

The best thing that MA could do with Cissy would be to lower the price. And that dorky-looking male Cissy, aka Distinguished Gentleman. OMG. What were they thinking? A hot-looking Homme would have been better suited to the $449. price tag on this girly-boy.Maybe Jason will work on the Alex line.....smaller heads...nicer hands. I hope the clothing designer remains, though, because MA clothes are fabulous.

Here's a rumor you can start:
Madame Alexander will pick up the Gene line.
Don't forget, I made that up...if you spread it, it's not my fault.


Paper Dolls: Martin Luther King, Jr. and Family

Today the United States celebrates the birthday of slain civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr. Here are the results of a Google search for related dolls:

Martin Luther King, Jr., and His Family: Paper Dolls (in Full Color) (Paperback) ~ Tom Tierney (Author) Price - New $20., Used $12. [A used paper doll book?]

Limberjack Jig Doll Martin Luther King Jr
There is a doll on eBay described as a wooden dancing black man in suit and tie. I don't know if it should be a lumberjack - perhaps made by a lumberjack? I can't post the image as it is not mine and I don't know the seller but here is the auction # 230419295411 It's a very interesting item.

Here is a really stupid item found on Amazon but not sold by Amazon. It's titled Plush Stuffed Duck (Sprinkles) toy with great Martin Luther King day T-ShirtMost of the other search items that came up were craft projects for children to participate in on this day. When I did a search for a figurine instead of a doll, I came up with a jumble of stuff. Judge for yourself.

Martin Luther King Jr. Bust Statue (20" fiberglass)Lladro´ - Retired - Estimated value more than $800.

Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum figure. I'm guessing there is a copy of this figure. $195.

I don't have information about this one.
Lladro Black Legacy Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 7528

Amazon $14.98

This was a disappointing search. However, you can always get an Edward Cullen doll, the Godfather, an Elvis or a Frank Sinatra doll. Goes to show you what's important.


Picture of the Week Award ~ January 17, 2010

A classic beauty for this week's Picture of the Week Award is a repainted Scarlett "Return to Tara" doll from the Tonner Doll Co. Her hair has been restyled and the gown is a OOAK creation by Alana Bennett of dollfashionsbyalana.com. The photographer/repainter is Boots Villavecer from the Philippines.

When I find a candidate for the Picture of the Week I always send several questions for the artist to answer. Boots was very generous with his time and response so I am going to paste his response here.

I am no professional so I don't have much equipment. The doll here is a repainted Tonner Scarlett "Return to Tara" doll. The hair has been adjusted. The gown is an OOAK creation by Alana Bennett of dollfashionsbyalana.com. It is inspired by a gown worn in Scarlett the TV series in 1994. It is originally in "blue" but via special effects has been made green -- Margaret Mitchell's favorite color.  All factory paint has been removed and I used what I call my special brush from Noel Cruz himself who encouraged me to pursue repainting. Just a Canon Digital Camera IXUS B515 10 Megapixel Camera. I don't use flash, because that creates shadows at the back of the doll. I always use the "portrait" function on the camera and from there, control the exposure because the lights can often be strong. I have 2 table lamps that can be angled as lighting sources. For the backdrop I use large clamps to hold a cloth on the photo. The cloth must slope down have no wrinkles or folds (depending on how the kind of effect you want). If you want some draping soft cloth is preferrable. I don't have a tripod so I have to have a really steady hold on the camera, but that's actually easy with the camera I use. 
Thanks to technology, one can fix the photo using Photoshop CS3. I use "dodge" tool to highlight dark shadows; "burn" tool to darken the areas in the background; the "clone" tool to add details, and various tools under the "Filter" tools to create the brush strokes, the additional lighting. The magic is in a Filter tool known as "Liquify". Here you can fix the hair and the gown if there are unwanted or desired things you want to enhance. 
My real name is Boots Villavecer, from the Philippines. 44 years old, working as a Creative in an advertising agency. I spent 5 years in Publishing and during free time would practice photo-editing for 13 magazines. Among them being fashion and beauty. My website is: http://www.soultalk777.blogspot.com.

Congratulations, Boots, on the Picture of the Week Award!