The Kingdom Doll Ladies 2014 — 2016 .... So Far

Alexandra Forbes created this stunning composite of the 22 Kingdom Dolls created to date.

Liberty - Phoenix - Chaucer - Nelson - Brigantia - Holly - Deynas - Eira - Dauphine - Draig - Viola - Arnamentia - Hadrian - Orbit - Nimue - Elan - Aquitaine - 
Nelson II (because she was the first Queen) - Cinnamon - Brunel - Brighton - Star - Savile
You can click on the images to see the full sized version.

If you haven't guessed, I adore these dolls. I am very lucky to have been one of the very few to be able to own Viola.

From the top of her wig to the tip of her nose and all the way down to her toes she is perfection.


New Gene Marshall & Friends Dolls by Mel Odom and Jamieshow

The latest Jamieshow Convention was held this past weekend in Chicago and revealed a full compliment of Gene Marshall & Friends dolls.  I am sure that Gene collectors are thrilled at the resurgence of their beloved dolls, now in resin.

All photos by George Gonzalez.

From left to right: Oona, Ivy, Marsha, Trent, Gene, Zita, Madra and Violet.

Attendees could choose either a Gene line doll or a Jamieshow doll for their convention souvenir prior to the event. Marsha was the Gene line souvenir. She has a beautifully done face. I don't know what's going on with the pleats in the front of the dress. Perhaps one has to remove the jacket to see the dress design. I'm hoping to see owner photos of that.

The Jamieshow doll that was available as an option was a Cary Grant doll. He is not shown above but can be seen, along with all of the above dolls at:

All the dolls are available either to pre-order or to purchase now. The prices are $495 for each except for Marsha and Cary who are $600.

My personal favorite is Oona. Her face, hair and outfit work perfectly together. She fits right in with the theme of Hollywood Canteen.

Zita is a striking doll. Her sculpt is intriguing and adorable at the same time. She looks like she's always ready to blow a kiss. Her wig cap is lovely.

Another favorite is Hollywood Canteen Gene. She is pure Gene, glamorous and beautiful. Dress and wig cap are well suited to her and the era.

Trent is dressed in a US military uniform and cuts a fine figure.


And there's even more!!!!
Some old friends join us this year, re-sculpted and freshened up.  Cameron has a new skin tone, and both he and Lee now can wear our exclusive JAMIEshow sculpted wig caps.  Sabina rejoins the group now also able to wear the JAMIEshow exclusive rooted wig caps.  All three of the girls sculpts have been re-sculpted for a fresh look in these 2.0 version.  Available for pre-order now, the first shipment will come in the beginning of July and the remainder by August.
Here is the link to see and order the basics.