Introducing the Third 2015 W Club Exclusive: "Never Ordinary"

On Friday, the members of the W Club were introduced to the third 2015 club exclusive. It is a 2 doll set of the Nu.Face twins, Lilith and Eden. The 'special' W Club 10th Anniversary price is $199.
Deposits of $25. are due immediately but we won't see the dolls for at least 5-8 months!
I don't like being locked in for such a long time for a doll I don't even collect whose hair is just about the strangest style I've ever seen on a doll.

These two do not appeal to me. Prior releases of these characters have been much more interesting and prettier.
But they are nice dolls and I think people will order them just to have a set of twins as they are hard to get. The edition size will be based upon how many in the club order so it could go over 1000 and most likely will.  Not quite exclusive anymore.

More Photos from the Kingdom Doll and MetroDolls Events

I finally moved most of my new goodies into my studio in order to take better photographs.
Here are Liberty in her gorgeous Dior inspired suit and Chaucer in the optional purchase pink version of the suit along with close-ups of the jackets.


Here are some photos of the amazing Bashettte bed that I won in the auction.

The Marley doll was included along with her original outfit and box with shipper.
The bed is metal. The mattress, two pillows, sheet and top sheet are pink and white criss-crossed striped. The first coverlet is white with lace and embroidered and gathered inserts. Matching pillow covers on two more pillows. The quilt is a true miniature quilt with embroidered details that include tiny buttons. Two pillows use one of the quilt fabrics and another pillow is has a quilted face. As if that weren't enough there is also a crocheted throw. This is really a work of art that I just love owning.
The night gown on Marley is another handmade item along with her headband of flowers.
Since Marley is 12" tall, this bed is the correct scale for my Fashion Royalty dolls although the pink metal frame might be on the girly side for these sophisticated ladies. If I wanted to, I could always change the color of the frame.

This Marley is originally Ocean Mist Basic.

I've had a few of the original Marley dolls but not for years. The line ended before the body was updated to bending wrists so she's a pretty stiff one. I think Tonner's Patience and the younger Sister Agnes use the same body with full articulation. I wonder if the vinyl is the same tone.


Kingdom Doll and MetroDolls Events — Review

The first ever Kingdom Doll event was held on Saturday, October 4, 2015 at a restaurant in New Jersey. Wine and hors d'oeuvres were served in the very noisy bar area and I was happy when we were called to go upstairs to our dining area. Upon entering the room we were treated to the sight of the actual Liberty doll we were to receive and the optional pink version of her fashion. This was the first time I've seen an event doll up front, not hidden under a table. It was a sophisticated way to present our doll. The tables were, of course, pre-determined but I was surprised that the actual seating at the tables was also set.

As far as the food went, the salad and appetizer were good. We had several choices for a main course and I ordered the steak. It was tough and I ate very little of it. I gave it to a friend to take home for his dogs. The owner asked me if I'd like something else but I wasn't very hungry. Others who ordered the fish or pasta said they enjoyed their meals. Dessert was a chocolate lovers dream.

During the meal we were given several table gifts. One was a fabulous pair of white boots trimmed in gold.

Several other gifts turned out to make a complete and coordinated fashion. Eire is modeling here.

Marie Nido or Machelle Dubriel made these red dresses with earrings for everyone! Sorry I don't remember which. I'm sure someone will correct me.

This miniature FDQ magazine was also a table gift.

We were treated to close-up, hands-on experience with the Kinsman Dolls. They are like no other male doll I've ever seen and will surely be a topic for a future post. We had fun with their being anatomically correct because underneath our shiny exteriors, we're all children at heart. Take it from me that they are very well hung. Picture Michelangelo's David without pubic hair but with a larger penis.

The first edition will come in briefs. With a body like his, why even bother with clothes?
However, clothes are being designed and will look fabulous down the line.

Attendees got the chance to pre-order the Holiday Angel doll. She will have the new and improved Kingdom Doll body.

Here's the gorgeous new Liberty and the optional outfit modeled by Chaucer. Liberty's jacket is black. Her skirt is hot pink with a black overlay. She came with a headband, necklace, hosiery, hot pink panties and shoes. The pink fashion came with a delicate silver bracelet and white panties. Every piece fits perfectly. The incredible detail that went into these jackets is mind blowing. The folds are origami-like and the beading was hand done. Truly little works of art.

Inspiration - Dior

There is a bit too much fabric in the origami folds of the doll fashion to allow them to lay flat like the originals. I may take a stitch from the inside to hold the lapels down more.

We went back to the hotel (and in some cases, home) with a wonderful collection of new 'toys' to add to our collections.


The Tenth MetroDolls event began at 10AM Sunday morning. There was much to see and do and so many doll friends to meet and greet. Many of my photos from the post immediately preceding this one show the range of offerings and vendors. 
I enjoyed Robert's talk as always. His topic was Ladies Who Lunch and he talked to us about his involvement with Bill Blass and the earlier era of society ladies who set fashion trends and the designers whose clothing they wore.

The food was awful, I'm sorry to say. The salad was drenched in dressing. There weren't enough rolls for our table so they gave us stale French bread. The main course was practically inedible. It was an overcooked, breaded rolled-up chicken breast stuffed with a spinach-cheese mixture. The texture was dry and the food was tasteless. The vegetables were limp. The food at MacDonalds is much better if I remember correctly.
Why do people think that everyone likes chocolate? 

I don't like chocolate cake or red velvet cake. But I tried it anyway and it wasn't good.  Of course the meal isn't the most important part of the event but when one is away from home, eating a decent meal and a good piece of cake is a plus. All I can say is that the hotel had good coffee. 

I bought the blonde Carmela companion doll. I bid on and won the Bashette bed which is incredible. Pictures in another post to come.

At first I loved Carbon Nite Marley but the more I look at her, the more I think she needs different hair and a different dress. One bit of unusual construction about this dress is that the faux turtleneck part comes off.  I may sell the dress and remove her wig. I'd like to see her in a glamorous Hollywood styled wig. I think this wig was originally meant for the Carmen Dell'Orefice line which is apparently not going to be produced. It ages Marley.

More, later.


Kingdom Doll and MetroDolls Event - Picture Portfolio

Here are a bunch of snaps from this past weekend all taken with my trusty iPhone - the camera I have with me all the time. I'll be taking pictures of my swag later and giving an in depth review of the events. I had a great time.
When I came home I laid out all of my goodies on the dining room table...actually, this is most of it. I hadn't unwrapped a few things.
What you see here consists of my auction win-the amazing Bashette bed and Marley, my raffle wins: an older Tyler, Tiny Kitty, a Gene cut-out doll book and an outfit, the MetroDoll event doll, the Kingdom Doll event doll along with several gifts we received from KD and Metrodoll, the Carmela blonde doll I purchased, table gifts from both events and magazines.
I was not expecting to really like the Tonner souvenir doll but she's edgy, sexy and different. She'll probably be the only adult Marley doll in my collection going forward and I was very happy with her.
More about the individual items in the next post.

(Reminder, you can enlarge each photo by clicking on it.)

Kingdom Doll Event:
The pink suit was the optional purchase. The first doll is the actual "Liberty" doll we received.

 MetroDolls Vendor Area:

Sandra Stillwell displayed her drool worthy fashions from her last convention.

 Ed of Happily Ever After Dolls (Philadelphia)

Doug James

Paul Pham wasn't there but he had a table displaying some fashions for pre-order.

 Wilde Imagination

 Robin Atwell

Monica Cooper

Auction Items (Not all.)

Companion Doll: Carmela in Blonde and Brunette

Display of Ten Years of MetroDolls Event Souvenirs:

 Rock Stars: Robert Tonner and Alexandra Forbes

(Amanda deftly evaded my camera.)

The auction outcome:

The artists' donations were beautiful and very generous. Most items exceeded their stated value. Several bidders got great bargains including me. I bid on and won the Bashette bed with Marley doll.
The top dollar auction item was Aquitaine, below.  

I'm not going to post who won what, so please don't ask. 

Congratulations to MetroDolls on holding an amazing, successful event.
Congratulations to Kingdom Doll for bringing more beauty to the doll world.
Congratulations to Tonner Doll Company for their continuous contributions to my collection even when I say "no more."

I love my dolls!