Kingdom Doll and MetroDolls Events — Review

The first ever Kingdom Doll event was held on Saturday, October 4, 2015 at a restaurant in New Jersey. Wine and hors d'oeuvres were served in the very noisy bar area and I was happy when we were called to go upstairs to our dining area. Upon entering the room we were treated to the sight of the actual Liberty doll we were to receive and the optional pink version of her fashion. This was the first time I've seen an event doll up front, not hidden under a table. It was a sophisticated way to present our doll. The tables were, of course, pre-determined but I was surprised that the actual seating at the tables was also set.

As far as the food went, the salad and appetizer were good. We had several choices for a main course and I ordered the steak. It was tough and I ate very little of it. I gave it to a friend to take home for his dogs. The owner asked me if I'd like something else but I wasn't very hungry. Others who ordered the fish or pasta said they enjoyed their meals. Dessert was a chocolate lovers dream.

During the meal we were given several table gifts. One was a fabulous pair of white boots trimmed in gold.

Several other gifts turned out to make a complete and coordinated fashion. Eire is modeling here.

Marie Nido or Machelle Dubriel made these red dresses with earrings for everyone! Sorry I don't remember which. I'm sure someone will correct me.

This miniature FDQ magazine was also a table gift.

We were treated to close-up, hands-on experience with the Kinsman Dolls. They are like no other male doll I've ever seen and will surely be a topic for a future post. We had fun with their being anatomically correct because underneath our shiny exteriors, we're all children at heart. Take it from me that they are very well hung. Picture Michelangelo's David without pubic hair but with a larger penis.

The first edition will come in briefs. With a body like his, why even bother with clothes?
However, clothes are being designed and will look fabulous down the line.

Attendees got the chance to pre-order the Holiday Angel doll. She will have the new and improved Kingdom Doll body.

Here's the gorgeous new Liberty and the optional outfit modeled by Chaucer. Liberty's jacket is black. Her skirt is hot pink with a black overlay. She came with a headband, necklace, hosiery, hot pink panties and shoes. The pink fashion came with a delicate silver bracelet and white panties. Every piece fits perfectly. The incredible detail that went into these jackets is mind blowing. The folds are origami-like and the beading was hand done. Truly little works of art.

Inspiration - Dior

There is a bit too much fabric in the origami folds of the doll fashion to allow them to lay flat like the originals. I may take a stitch from the inside to hold the lapels down more.

We went back to the hotel (and in some cases, home) with a wonderful collection of new 'toys' to add to our collections.


The Tenth MetroDolls event began at 10AM Sunday morning. There was much to see and do and so many doll friends to meet and greet. Many of my photos from the post immediately preceding this one show the range of offerings and vendors. 
I enjoyed Robert's talk as always. His topic was Ladies Who Lunch and he talked to us about his involvement with Bill Blass and the earlier era of society ladies who set fashion trends and the designers whose clothing they wore.

The food was awful, I'm sorry to say. The salad was drenched in dressing. There weren't enough rolls for our table so they gave us stale French bread. The main course was practically inedible. It was an overcooked, breaded rolled-up chicken breast stuffed with a spinach-cheese mixture. The texture was dry and the food was tasteless. The vegetables were limp. The food at MacDonalds is much better if I remember correctly.
Why do people think that everyone likes chocolate? 

I don't like chocolate cake or red velvet cake. But I tried it anyway and it wasn't good.  Of course the meal isn't the most important part of the event but when one is away from home, eating a decent meal and a good piece of cake is a plus. All I can say is that the hotel had good coffee. 

I bought the blonde Carmela companion doll. I bid on and won the Bashette bed which is incredible. Pictures in another post to come.

At first I loved Carbon Nite Marley but the more I look at her, the more I think she needs different hair and a different dress. One bit of unusual construction about this dress is that the faux turtleneck part comes off.  I may sell the dress and remove her wig. I'd like to see her in a glamorous Hollywood styled wig. I think this wig was originally meant for the Carmen Dell'Orefice line which is apparently not going to be produced. It ages Marley.

More, later.


  1. Lovely photos Terri- as ever. It looks like some of the table gifts were different which is interesting. The white eyelet outfit and accessories were the same (such cute presentation piece by piece) and mini KD shopping bags and magazine. Our table also got a black version of that red dress above. We also got mink recycled fur doll stoles rather than the gold tipped shoes.

    I think everyone got something different (very fancy jewelry, shoes or doll purse) in the red box we all picked up upon entering. I love how many (and the quality) of the gifts we received! Fortunately, my dinner was very nice (I got the risotto). I thought it was nice that Alex and Amanda were trying to circulate between tables and have some one on one conversations with as many people as possible.

    1. Thank you for adding your experience. Alex and Amanda worked very hard to meet and greet everyone. They did an amazing job!

  2. All wonderful dolls and accessories. The bed is amazing! Too bad for the meal though.

    Thanks for sharing pics!

  3. Hello Terri Gold , I enjoyed a lot all of your KD doll event and Metro doll event .Terri Gold can you let me know , plz if you can , what is face mold KD doll using for holiday angel doll and when she will going to release.I am getting curious to know .Thankyou Terri.

    1. I'll have to get back to you on this, Desu.

    2. I believe it is mentioned in the most recent Fashion Doll Quarterly magazine (I don't have mine here at work or I'd be happy to look it up)

  4. Sorry to read that the Carmen line will not be produced after all. Now I have to find a doll from the ones out there :/

  5. I thought of Carmen Dell'Orefice right away when I saw the first few pics of Carbon Nite Marley. It does age her somewhat but I still think she is stunning!

  6. Liberty is absolutely gorgeous. Did they explain what the "new and improved" body entailed for the Holiday Angel doll? I'm hoping that it improves posing, such as being able to place hands closer to the face naturally. That's one thing that Ficon and Emperis do that I really prefer.

    The lapel on the pink outfit are indeed much too poofy. Had they laid flatter like the inspiration, it would have been a much better look, and not reminded me of pillows. Might be a good travel outfit. ;-)

    The way the Marley doll's hair mimics her dress line is interesting, but the look is not one I like. I can't quite put my finger on why. However, as I've learned, never say never. What doesn't appeal to me today may pull me in one day.