Kingdom Doll and MetroDolls Event - Picture Portfolio

Here are a bunch of snaps from this past weekend all taken with my trusty iPhone - the camera I have with me all the time. I'll be taking pictures of my swag later and giving an in depth review of the events. I had a great time.
When I came home I laid out all of my goodies on the dining room table...actually, this is most of it. I hadn't unwrapped a few things.
What you see here consists of my auction win-the amazing Bashette bed and Marley, my raffle wins: an older Tyler, Tiny Kitty, a Gene cut-out doll book and an outfit, the MetroDoll event doll, the Kingdom Doll event doll along with several gifts we received from KD and Metrodoll, the Carmela blonde doll I purchased, table gifts from both events and magazines.
I was not expecting to really like the Tonner souvenir doll but she's edgy, sexy and different. She'll probably be the only adult Marley doll in my collection going forward and I was very happy with her.
More about the individual items in the next post.

(Reminder, you can enlarge each photo by clicking on it.)

Kingdom Doll Event:
The pink suit was the optional purchase. The first doll is the actual "Liberty" doll we received.

 MetroDolls Vendor Area:

Sandra Stillwell displayed her drool worthy fashions from her last convention.

 Ed of Happily Ever After Dolls (Philadelphia)

Doug James

Paul Pham wasn't there but he had a table displaying some fashions for pre-order.

 Wilde Imagination

 Robin Atwell

Monica Cooper

Auction Items (Not all.)

Companion Doll: Carmela in Blonde and Brunette

Display of Ten Years of MetroDolls Event Souvenirs:

 Rock Stars: Robert Tonner and Alexandra Forbes

(Amanda deftly evaded my camera.)

The auction outcome:

The artists' donations were beautiful and very generous. Most items exceeded their stated value. Several bidders got great bargains including me. I bid on and won the Bashette bed with Marley doll.
The top dollar auction item was Aquitaine, below.  

I'm not going to post who won what, so please don't ask. 

Congratulations to MetroDolls on holding an amazing, successful event.
Congratulations to Kingdom Doll for bringing more beauty to the doll world.
Congratulations to Tonner Doll Company for their continuous contributions to my collection even when I say "no more."

I love my dolls!


  1. oh, that would have been so great to go to! I have a quick [maybe petty] question: you know how I feel about people trying to revive the dying fur trade, was that 2.00 for the fur [which is what I'm hoping]??? I love the Kinsman hommes and am glad you got a physical preview of the boys. So what do you think of them in person? Aquitaine was an exquisite confection that looked like a Fae Queen personified that I am sure the winner will keep near and dear

    1. The fur went for $200. I believe in treating animals humanely. I don't know if Dimitha recycles fur. We were told this was a recycled item.
      I think the Kinsman Dolls are like nothing anyone has ever seen. They are very masculine with fabulous sculpts and great posing.
      Aquitaine was amazing.

    2. Dimitha has stated she uses only recycled furs.

    3. Sarah...contact me about the mannequins you paid for.

    4. I sent you an email- (to your gmail email)

  2. Thanks for the pictures, Terri, you did a great job covering the event.

    Dimitha does use recycled fur exclusively, as she posts on her eBay auctions.

    I am not fond of conventions and getting stuck with a lot of things I would have to sell, but I am impressed with the amount of stuff you brought home, most of seems destined for the "keep" pile when it is all sorted out. You sound happy, and I'm glad for you.

    I kind of liked the faceup on the KD event doll otherwise except for the Dark ELf nothing I personally would keep (I do no collect any of those doll lines or types of dolls, so I did not go to this convention) but it was nice to see.

    Not a fan at all of the new male doll, too hulk-y looking, would be hard to dress -- but I suppose most people who buy one, given his anatomical interest, won't be dressing him in much anyway.

    Lady L.

  3. Thank you for your comments!

  4. Great photos Terri! Thanks for posting the auction outcomes- (I was so curious to see how much I missed Aquitaine by) So jealous of the winner- that doll is perfection... Seeing the Kinsman dolls in person was fantastic- they look like nothing else I've ever seen, I was going to try and limit myself to one, but they would look so beautiful posing together... :D

    It was also so fun meeting you and so many others in person, including Alex and Amanda!

  5. thanks so much for the adding info on the furs. As the interest in certain markets for fox and lynx/bobcat has gotten more pronounced jerks around here are starting to set traps on their properties to catch them also catching domestic animals. I have lost a good half of my barn cats that way as some of these individuals really don't care what they harm. First half would come back injured [ripped up legs and necks from snares] then they stopped coming back at all.

    1. Disgusting. Please do not tell me any more.

  6. Thanks for the terrific pictures and coverage of the event, Terri. Maybe I'll be able to attend one year!

    I also appreciate you posting the results of the auctions. I meant to submit some bids, but the time got away from me and I didn't remember about it until around 5 p.m. the day the bids were due. It looks like I was not going to win anything in which I was interested anyway. :-)

    I picked up some Dimitha pieces. Not knowing they were real fur, I'm glad to see that they are indeed recycled.