Photo of the Day by Tom in CA

J'Adore modeling a gown by Atelier Soda.

Words don't do justice to this magnificent creation. Tom posted this on Studio Commissary.

Atelier Soda created this miniature rendition inspired by a piece from Christian Dior/John Galliano's Spring 2007 Haute Couture runway collection.  http://www.viva-soda.com/Product%20-%203%20Haute%20Couture/Atelier/Product_CT005_CoutureNo5.html

For my readers who don't know yet...J'Adore is a 16" resin BJD version of Gene Marshall designed by Mel Odom and produced by JamieShow. She was the most recent FDQ exclusive. Tom has redressed and re-wigged her for this stunning photograph.


New Stuff

The week after a convention is usually chaos in my house. My doll room was piled with packages. I had to set up a card table to provide more space for redressing, sorting and arranging. Dolls spilled out into the rest of the house as well.  I was lucky my suitcase came in 2 pounds under the maximum when I checked in at the airport. It was 14 pounds under when I left for the convention. My carry-on was also stuffed to the brim on the way home.

In the photo above, I show the fashions we were gifted with at every meal. Amazing, isn't it? This isn't all we got - there were handbags, shoes, accessories, paper miniatures, gifts from tablemates and things I'm sure I don't even remember. Those of us that went on Thursday's tour will also be getting a replica of a TWA stewardess outfit from the late 1940's.

I purchased several (ahem) additional ensembles and pre-ordered some that weren't ready yet.

This is one of several felt circle skirts that were available. It was too cute to pass up with it's felt appliques and embroidery.

This confection is called "Delicate Bloom.' It is one of two color variations, the other being white with pastel embroidery. The hat was a table gift.

Purchases to be continued but first I want to show you two of the gifts from other attendees.
This gorgeous pink dress above was a gift from Marilyn Hook (Marilyn in Syracuse.) The hat was made by Susan Conners (Sue/ABQ) who also made the following outfit.

This is but a fraction of the ensemble Sue gave us as table mates. It comes with a load of customizing parts and accessories using the basic white silk sheath as a foundation. Every piece was constructed with skill and artistry. I have yet to photograph the rest. Stay tuned.

Sandra Stillwell has several fashions available for purchase to collectors right now. Click below to see them.


I am selling some of my goodies from the convention, too. See the sidebar of this blog for links to the sales pages. (Not eBay)


Sindy's Golden Jubilee Exhibition

One of the blogs I follow is called For the Love of Dolls. Today Papusile Mele posted an interesting interview with a woman who organized an exhibition at the Chippenham Museum & Heritage Centre in Great Britain.
Here is the link to the blog and the interview:

Sindystar: An Interview About the Doll Next Door