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These gorgeous images posted by Adrian Cardozo really caught my eye this morning. This was originally a RDG Maya head, exclusive to Angelic Dreamz. Adrian gave her a Jamieshow body. The wig is her original wig, headband is Sybarite Moon's,  dress is Numina Asher's,  cinch belt by Ficon, bracelet by Paul Pham and shoes are from an eBay seller called beautytoys. 
The inspiration for the faceup was inspired by Pris (Blade Runner) with a high fashion twist and was successfully interpreted by Kari Denker aka Liquid Sunshine.

I asked Adrian to describe his photo technique for the first image. Here is what he said:
 "Since today is a cloudy day, I took this picture indoors using a mix of lights. I was looking for a warmer feeling. The lighting is coming from below the dolls feet. I found this amazing old style XR reader light (like doctors used to have on their offices) that still works amazingly well...plus one more light from the front.

After I took the picture I simply selected the background in Photoshop and used the motion blur option plus added wind...blurred again and added wind..I like the different texture that creates by doing the same selection several times...."

Thanks to Adrian for sharing his unique doll and creative photo techniques. I love this stuff!

Caption This


A half truth is a whole lie. Yiddish Proverb

Integrity Toy's marketing director sent out an email apologizing about the Nu Fantasy Malicious' necklace not fitting. He could have just said that they made a manufacturing error and collectors have to take off the head to get the necklace on. Instead he proffered excuses along with instructions on removing doll heads.
"because of the shape of the necklace and the materials used, we were limited as far as manufacturing possibilities to make this piece happen while staying true to the design team's original vision for it."

So creative! One can twist words to make a mistake look intentional.
Limited manufacturing possibilities? The design team's vision?
I would say it was a lack of vision. 
Stop the nonsense discourse!  
Fashion Victim?
I know a lot of collectors who are fearful of removing heads and would never even attempt to do so.

Tonner Doll PLUS LittleMissMatched = Tonner Toys

Sporty Girl
" Just this weekend the LittleMissMatched blog gave us the first peak [sic] at a Tonner Toys LMM girl. These are going to be mass-market priced, super fun fashion dolls ideal for the young new collector who wants the real Tonner quality in the wardrobe – all taken from fantastic LittleMissMatched fashions – and a dynamic, everyday persona." 
Uptown Girl
"Just this morning creative designer Jason Reilley snapped this quick pic seen above of Uptown Girl with his phone. Does she not look like an Uptown girl!?"

 Tonner Doll has formed a new company called Tonner Toys. Robert touched on it in his address at the Ennui function a few weeks ago. Yesterday, Joanne Canapini wrote a long description of the inspiration for this line and posted it on Facebook.  Since not everyone has a Facebook account, I am posting it here.
Tonner Doll and LittleMissMatched join hands – Tonner Toys

Posted by Joanne Canapini on Jul 15, 2011 in LittleMissMatched, Sporty Girl, Tonner Toys | 9 comments

"... So, we thought a little background on LittleMissMatched and the relationship with Tonner Toys would do the trick! You just wait and see. LittleMissMatched is super easy to LOVE! I dare you to disagree with me…
Jason Dorf and Jonah Staw

LittleMissMatched launched as a company in 2004, and began by selling bright and colorful, unmatched socks in wildly fun, mismatched patterns packaged in odd numbers for young girls and pre-teens. For the company’s founders, Jonah Staw, Arielle Eckstut, and Jason Dorf, it all began as a funny commentary about the mystery of disappearing socks, and the single mismatch it leaves behind. They jokingly concluded that they could solve the problem by wearing socks that didn’t match. Fun, right? Yep, we knew you’d love this! Plus, it’s funny because it’s true (thank you Karen Walker!).
LittleMissMatched started with a very simple mission: build a brand that is FUN, inspires CREATIVITY, embraces individual STYLE and celebrates self EXPRESSION. In our world, socks don’t match– MATCHING is mundane — MIXING is MONUMENTAL and COLOR is cool. While we started with socks sold in odd numbers, we recognized that there’s an entire universe out there who shares our passion for creativity and self expression — socks were just the beginning. From books to bedding, PJ’s to pencil pouches and flip flops to furniture, we say, think “outside the socks” – You can be a kid forever. Be BOLD, FASHION is FUN.
“LittleMissMatched is about creativity and individual style,” shares Andrew Arguiarro, VP Licensing & Sales. “Our dolls are designed to embody the LittleMissMatched brand and to inspire tweens to celebrate unique looks, styles and personalities.”
Want to know more? Check out their awesome blog, and YouTube channel! Be sure to follow them on twitter (@LittleMissMatch) and Facebook!
Okay, now we love LittleMissMatched, but, how on earth did this project come about? Well, I’ll tell you! It all began with the new dawning of Tonner Toys:

Hatched inside the offices of Tonner Doll Company, Tonner Toys is the brainchild of Robert Tonner, Jack Kralik, Jason Reilley, and a silent partner. The four are coordinating their efforts with boundless enthusiasm to make a splash into the mass-market world of toys with their premiere of the LittleMissMatched doll line.
Tonner Toy’s Lead Product Creator, Jason Reilley, said that he immediately wanted to work with LittleMissMatched when Tonner Toys was first established in 2009. “I was inspired by their freedom of expression, and the whimsical nature of their products,” said Reilley. “Also, I love their socks,” he laughs.
Robert then sculpted the head and face of what became LittleMissMatched, and the rest is history.
What makes Tonner Toys special and unique from most other toy companies on the planet is our design-oriented standards. In other words, because we are more design focused, as opposed to marketing focused, we believe that makes for a superior product, both in design and quality.
And that was totally intentional! Tonner Toys wants to make a product with a distinct collectible feel, but at a toy price point. This fun-filled partnership between Tonner Toys and LittleMissMatched, this marriage made in Toyland, captures both the essence of LittleMissMatched’s zany, fun, rainbow-bright world and the spirit and quality of Tonner’s realm of collecting and play.
Now, onto the dolls themselves!

LittleMissMatched Uptown Girl
There will be four LittleMissMatched dolls available: Artsy Girl, Rock ‘n’ Roll Girl, Uptown Girl, and Sporty Girl. As reflected in their names, each doll has a distinct, unique personality, one that she is not afraid to express with her fashion sense. Standing at 15.25” tall, LittleMissMatched dolls are constructed out of the highest quality vinyl with multiple points of articulation for ease in dressing the dolls in their fashionably mismatched ensembles.
Additionally, Fashion Packs will be available, which include spunky separates, some of which are reversible for double the outfit options, and double the fun! Staying within the Little MissMatched theme of mismatching but coordinating elements in stripes, polka dots, stars, and other fun patterns, Fashion Packs include shoes and multiple pieces, in addition to the LittleMissMatched earmark of 3 mismatched socks for the child.
On August 29th, viewers will have a chance for one hour only to purchase an exclusive LMM Gift Set on QVC. The Gift Set will include a doll, outfit separates and a surprise for the child. The dolls will be hitting Toys R Us and LittleMissMatched stores in the fall of 2011..."


Elise Gets Malicious

I had to remove Elise's head to put the necklace on. A piece of tape on the back was necessary to keep the piece from turning around on her neck. Didn't anybody notice?

Tonner's New Product Release

Tonner is offering free shippping on the new products for five days - from now until Sunday August 28th at midnight EDT.

MS. MARVEL™   LE 300   $149.99   Lana Head Sculpt
  16" Tyler Bending Wrist Body w/ Fuller Bust, Hips, & Biceps 
Her hands are interchangeable but are extra hands included?
Uchi-Soto Freedom for FashionLE 300 $179.99
Antoinette body with Cameo skintone
This fashion looks very interesting.
I wonder if the black vest is removable. 
Sag Harbor OUTFIT ONLY LE 300 $59.99
 Why are the shoes taupe?
22" American Model™  Waist Gripper Stand
Open Edition $14.99
Click here to go to the Tonner Blog and view a brief Robert Tonner video about the new Marvel character doll.


Get Your $1200. Sweatshirt Here

There may be a few readers who wouldn't blink an eye at the cost of Jason Wu's "wool/nylon/spandex/silk; polyester lining"  sweatshirt- styled top selling for $1195. at Bergdorf Goodman right now.  Personally, I have other priorities although I do love it and I would definitely wear it - often.

However, if you would like to go the miniature route, the Fashion's Night Out version is available for pre-order at Bergdorf's right now. There is no indication of the edition size although I'm sure we'll find that out shortly.

The doll has an open mouth sculpt! Who is this? Is Vanessa returned on an FR2 body?

Devon's Photoshoot

A new wig from Time of Doll arrived last week and popped right on to Devon's head. She has been sitting on a box in my doll closet sans clothes for a while  - looking gorgeous of course. I think I like her better naked.
Devon has a very yellow tone and her facial paint is golden around the eyes. The backdrop I photographed her against was already hanging and I was too lazy to change it. Unfortunately, it is golden as well. You may or may not know that digital cameras can be quite off when it comes to accurate color rendition-especially indoors. The colors between these images is not consistent as I played around with them in Photoshop.

Devon is wearing some of Tonner's Tyler Boutique garments and MA Alex shoes. The Tyler tops are large on Devon and the Alex shoes aren't perfect either. Chair is by Horseman for Vita.


Nu Fantasy Malicious and Pure

Nu Fantasy dolls Malicious and Pure arrived today.  
Malicious uses the Jasper Dynamite Girls sculpt.  The hairstyle came out good and the doll looks fairly close to her promo except for the faux fur on her jacket which looks very ratty. I will probably remove it if I can do so without damaging the rest of the jacket. The gown is beautiful. It's all one piece although it looks like separates.

 Multi layers are actually one piece.

Sadly, the gorgeous neckpiece does not open far enough to put on the doll.  I was going to contact customer service but I decided that I would take off the doll's head to put it on. I don't feel like waiting 6 months for a replacement. I wonder if anyone's neckpiece arrived with the proper size opening. It is not flexible and cannot be bent open.
The gown has a slight train. Its fabric flows and drapes nicely.

 This gal has major lips and eyebrows. I think her mouth could have been painted smaller to look more like the promo.

Erin as Pure is cute. The construction of her dress is not good. The fit is poor in the bust and the stitching is uneven. Compare the promo to the real life dress.  The attempt at draping and/or pleating of the skirt part didn't work. I'm not sure exactly what it was supposed to look like because it doesn't do either.  A better fabric could have been chosen to accomplish the desired look.  She'll be a great doll when redressed. The boots look good but I haven't taken them out of their package.

Here's a great example of why choosing the right fabric is important. The doll on the left is Pale Fire Vanessa. The construction of her gown is perfection. The right weight and type of fabric was used. If you've never seen this gown in person, I can assure you that it is amazing.  I don't understand how those in charge had the nerve to release the gown on the right.