Devon's Photoshoot

A new wig from Time of Doll arrived last week and popped right on to Devon's head. She has been sitting on a box in my doll closet sans clothes for a while  - looking gorgeous of course. I think I like her better naked.
Devon has a very yellow tone and her facial paint is golden around the eyes. The backdrop I photographed her against was already hanging and I was too lazy to change it. Unfortunately, it is golden as well. You may or may not know that digital cameras can be quite off when it comes to accurate color rendition-especially indoors. The colors between these images is not consistent as I played around with them in Photoshop.

Devon is wearing some of Tonner's Tyler Boutique garments and MA Alex shoes. The Tyler tops are large on Devon and the Alex shoes aren't perfect either. Chair is by Horseman for Vita.


  1. She is a beautifull doll :) ...those shoes rock!!

  2. sigh ..what would it take for you to let me hvae her..I want her!!