Tonner's New Product Release

Tonner is offering free shippping on the new products for five days - from now until Sunday August 28th at midnight EDT.

MS. MARVEL™   LE 300   $149.99   Lana Head Sculpt
  16" Tyler Bending Wrist Body w/ Fuller Bust, Hips, & Biceps 
Her hands are interchangeable but are extra hands included?
Uchi-Soto Freedom for FashionLE 300 $179.99
Antoinette body with Cameo skintone
This fashion looks very interesting.
I wonder if the black vest is removable. 
Sag Harbor OUTFIT ONLY LE 300 $59.99
 Why are the shoes taupe?
22" American Model™  Waist Gripper Stand
Open Edition $14.99
Click here to go to the Tonner Blog and view a brief Robert Tonner video about the new Marvel character doll.


  1. Gee...that stand looks nice.

  2. I like Uchi-Soto's face, but I just don't like Tonner bodies at all. Her outfit is nice too.

  3. Ms. Marvel comes with 2 pairs of hands. I am excited about the fuller bust. I am hoping she is built like DeeAnna Denton. :D

  4. Love the new dolls but Uchi-Soto is my favorite!
    I love the Antoinette body so much more than the older Tyler bod...Uchi is gorgeous!

  5. Love Ms. Marvel!! Without the mask, she looks a little like Kim Basinger (nothing wrong with that!!). I can also see this body used for fuller figured Hollywood Divas like Liz Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. The extra added meat and forward/ back pivot point at the chest is very interesting.

    Now- if we could only get a pivoting knee joint.......oh-never mind.

  6. @Steve: Keep asking for it. You never know.