Get Your $1200. Sweatshirt Here

There may be a few readers who wouldn't blink an eye at the cost of Jason Wu's "wool/nylon/spandex/silk; polyester lining"  sweatshirt- styled top selling for $1195. at Bergdorf Goodman right now.  Personally, I have other priorities although I do love it and I would definitely wear it - often.

However, if you would like to go the miniature route, the Fashion's Night Out version is available for pre-order at Bergdorf's right now. There is no indication of the edition size although I'm sure we'll find that out shortly.

The doll has an open mouth sculpt! Who is this? Is Vanessa returned on an FR2 body?


  1. This is a beautiful new sculpt. I think she will be very popular.

  2. I love the outfit for the doll. But how could someone justify spending $1195 on a sweat shirt? That's way too much money, But for the rich I suppose that's chump change.XD

  3. Hopefully, at that price, the sweatshirt won't yellow or chip with age. Love the doll's nude pink mouth.

  4. Thank god the doll isn't an offer for those buying the sweatshirt alone :) ...or how on earth would we put our hands on her?

  5. High Fashion sweatshirts? Really? What else can it do? I mean, there has to be something else for that price. Really?

    I'm sorry, but it looks like it should only cost $30.

    At least with the doll, I feel like I'm getting something for my money.