The newest doll to join my collection came directly from Paris. She is Etiquette, a doll from the Paris Fashion Doll Festival Superdoll event.
Her dress is a laser cut, below the knee length confection in two parts. The longer skirt is actually separate from the top. I didn't want to undress her to show that.
 Big roses at the shoulders and hips and layer upon layer of tulle provide the character, shape and body of the dress. The twin buns of her wig echo the shape of the shoulders.
The laser design incorporates a few Eiffel Tower shapes. The dress is constructed very well so that the pattern on either side of the zipper matches up.
The boots are gorgeous; however, the heels, which resemble upside down Eiffel Towers, are too long. If the doll is to stand properly, all the weight lands on the heels. A problem many Sybarite shoes have had in the past is nice design with very poor execution.
To alleviate the pressure on the heels when the doll is standing in a cabinet, I put a bit of foam under the front of the sole to raise the doll a bit.

She stays!


Why Pre-Ordering Sucks

The 2013 W Club  members who pre-ordered the final club doll,  Eugenia "A Touch of Frost," received their bill today. I made my deposit on 12/8/2013. That is a full five months ago! Who even remembered? To IT's credit, they did state up front that delivery would be late spring 2014.

I have sold off all but three of my Eugenia dolls. I'm hoping that this one is as good as the promo. One good thing about her is that she's on an FR2 body already so I won't need to go a-hunting.
She does have a hair bump which has been cause for concern in the past depending upon the factory employee at the time of the styling. My fingers are crossed for good luck!

Do I need her? No. 
Do I want another gorgeous doll? 
Yes...maybe...we'll see.

cho:lo doll couture: Save The Date

Save the Date: May 7, 2014, 9pm, Wednesday, Philippine Standard Time... a very special OOAK Couture will be unveiled. "Siamese."
Couture is specially fitted for Innamorata Dolls by Emilia, Would fit similar sized dolls.
Bidding is via silent auction through email.

Cholo has done a new faceup on Inro for his Siamese presentation

New Offering From Morgan's by Design

I clicked on this thread in Prego and when I saw this photo, my first impression was that it was a photo of a human-sized living room.

The details of the welting, wood trim and bun feet contribute to the realistic miniaturization of these pieces.
John states that these were inspired by the Deco design of Walt Disney's home.
Click on the images to enlarge.

Time after time, John produces amazing pieces of furniture for the 16 inch crowd. He posts these for sale on Prego and they do not remain unsold for long.

If you would like to see the original post (you must be a member of Prego to get in) click here: