Why Pre-Ordering Sucks

The 2013 W Club  members who pre-ordered the final club doll,  Eugenia "A Touch of Frost," received their bill today. I made my deposit on 12/8/2013. That is a full five months ago! Who even remembered? To IT's credit, they did state up front that delivery would be late spring 2014.

I have sold off all but three of my Eugenia dolls. I'm hoping that this one is as good as the promo. One good thing about her is that she's on an FR2 body already so I won't need to go a-hunting.
She does have a hair bump which has been cause for concern in the past depending upon the factory employee at the time of the styling. My fingers are crossed for good luck!

Do I need her? No. 
Do I want another gorgeous doll? 
Yes...maybe...we'll see.

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