The newest doll to join my collection came directly from Paris. She is Etiquette, a doll from the Paris Fashion Doll Festival Superdoll event.
Her dress is a laser cut, below the knee length confection in two parts. The longer skirt is actually separate from the top. I didn't want to undress her to show that.
 Big roses at the shoulders and hips and layer upon layer of tulle provide the character, shape and body of the dress. The twin buns of her wig echo the shape of the shoulders.
The laser design incorporates a few Eiffel Tower shapes. The dress is constructed very well so that the pattern on either side of the zipper matches up.
The boots are gorgeous; however, the heels, which resemble upside down Eiffel Towers, are too long. If the doll is to stand properly, all the weight lands on the heels. A problem many Sybarite shoes have had in the past is nice design with very poor execution.
To alleviate the pressure on the heels when the doll is standing in a cabinet, I put a bit of foam under the front of the sole to raise the doll a bit.

She stays!


  1. Congratulations, Terri! I know you admired her from the start. She is so very lovely and you have captured her beautifully.
    Have Fun!

  2. my what a gorgeous dress!

  3. i think sometimes they design the shoes with feet pointed more than they do in a relaxed position. so they design around a more fetish-y shape, but the doll itself has stringing that pulls her back into a still extreme high fashion arch

    1. True but the boots keep her feet in a fixed arch.

  4. Such a lovely, fantastic outfit...