Tonner Convention - So Far

Most of you know that the Tonner Convention began on Thursday, May 15. The opening event was an ice cream party Victorian style and there were some lovely dolls available to attendees. 
The Victorian dresses and hats look beautiful.
Victorian Social Cami – TonnerCon Exclusive LE 200
Victorian Social Jon – TonnerCon Exclusive LE 100
TonnerCon Exclusive: Victorian Holiday Matt – LE 100
 The Victorian Basic (below) was the souvenir. It uses the Kay sculpt on the Antoinette body. I'm not familiar with the Kay sculpt at all.
TonnerCon Exclusive: Victorian Basic LE 250  



  1. I'd love to have Jon, that dress is really nice. A Victorian ice cream party sounds fun!

  2. Tonner's 16" Fairytale Basic used the Kay sculpt, and I think one of the stewardess dolls from a previous convention. I have the Fairytale Basic and think she's very pretty. Although, that prototype doll does not look Kay to me, more like Cami. But they might have resized her head a little for the Antoinette body. I've been meaning to put pictures of my Fairytale Basic on my doll website since there are so few examples of Kay's sculpt out there.


    1. Thanks, Barb. I do remember that Kay was last year's stewardess.

  3. While they are pretty and detailed, none of the Victorian dolls look Victorian to me - those fashions are Edwardian - 1910s at least. More Mary Poppins or Downton Abbey inspired than Victorian.

  4. I would love to get that Victorian Basic one day soon...she looks just like the 'Cami' sculpt...I am not familiar with the 'Kay' sculpt either...?