More From TonnerCon 2014 and Carmen Dell'Orefice

Friday Afternoon Wilde Imagination Luncheon

The Ellowyne and Lizette - not very unique. They are 'been there, done that' dolls IMO. 
Vintage Confusion Lizette
Vintage Confusion Ellowyne

Dark Attic Evangeline
Evangeline is starting to look more and more like a "normal" doll.  This one is very pretty.

Friday Night Centerpiece
Tyler's dress is not my taste. In this photo, the gathered areas of the skirt do not lay properly. I would not be very happy with her or her hair bump. She does have nice bangs - a rare quality in the doll world. 
Update: I have seen the IRL doll and she is prettier than this photo. The dress also looks better than the promo shows. 
15th Anniversary Tyler Centerpiece
Here she is, Carmen Dell'Orefice, with the Tonner gang. She is just so gorgeous. Wonderful photos! I love them. I wonder if she had to approve the doll prior to it being manufactured. I wonder how much they paid her for the right to make a doll of her and to appear at the event. What a great thing. I wonder if the press was there to cover it.

 It doesn't look much like  her but I like the doll and can't wait until mine gets here.
Look at her gorgeous hands, her simply beautiful bone structure and classy attire. She blows me away. 

Photos are from the Tonner Blog page on Facebook.

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