Great Photo by Mel Parker-Reeves

Mel posted this wonderful photo in the Pink Lounge yesterday.  Her caption read:
Diversity delivered....When you ask your doll company to represent all walks of life, and they give you skintones from Porcelain White to Midnight Black....yeah I'm about that doll life. 


Part III Summer Project

And I continue with my outdoor Fashion Royalty iPhone photos.

June 21, 2019
Dark and rainy. These are indoor photos.

Vanessa "Poesie sans Couleur 2005
Wearing Eugenia's "A Touch of Frost" dress.

Vanessa "Miami Glow" 2006
Wearing Ayumi's "Luminous" dress.


June 19, 2019

Elise "Sedisuante" 2017
Wearing a gown created by a Thai doll couturier many years ago.

Kyori "A Brighter Side" 2007
Wearing Vanessa "Spell of Kindness." (I removed all but one black tie.)