Play With Your Savior or iDoll Worship

What was I looking for when I stumbled upon a Moses Rubber Duck complete with the Ten Commandments?
The multitudes of Moses dolls astounded me. I found talking Jesus action figures, (deluxe complete with loaves, fishes and a wine jar!), Pope dolls,
a John the Baptist Puppet, a Talking Noah Messenger of Faith Doll,
several styles of Jesus Nodders and a Large Holy Folks Talking Mary With Jesus in Disp Box. What is a 'Disp' box?
Listen to this list of dolls and figurines with Moses:
Tales of Glory Bible Figurine Moses Holding Ten Commandments Includes Story of Moses;
Moses 16 inch Plush with Ten Commandments Plush Stone Tablets by Holy Folks;
Moses in the Bulrushes Giant Floor Puzzle;
BibleQuest - Action Figure - Moses (That one comes with a Holy Ark, a staff for Moses to throw at Pharoh's feet, a snake and something that looks like a giant bowl filled with fire or maybe it's a burning bush.)
Wait, there's more!
There's the Moses Action Figure;
Talking Moses Messenger of Faith;
Almighty Heroes Action Figure - Moses;
Moses Doll Basket with Bedding and Stand;
Moses Little Thinker Plush Stuffed Doll Toy.

Yes, believers, there is even more. You can spend 40 years wandering through Amazon.com and never finish discovering dolls representing religious figures. So what if they're not fashion dolls? Someone must be buying them.

These dolls will go well with my Holy Toast Stamper, my Last Supper Longbox and my Jesus Pencil Toppers Set.

But between you and me...shouldn't Noah have been the rubber duck?

All of the photographs in this post are the individual manufacturers' promotional pictures found on Amazon.com's website.


Robert Tonner's Antoinette "Idyllic" Available Now

The first dressed doll from Tonner's brand new line of dolls called "Antoinette" has arrived at dealers.

The description of this new collection of dolls from the Tonner site is as follows:
Antoinette™, is a 16" fashion doll with a brand new face and body sculpt. She takes on many different looks depending on her skin tone, hair color and face paint.
I have been working on the design and engineering of Antoinette™ to achieve a high fashion mannequin whose body and jointing become the perfect foil for my passion-designing clothing. I think this is one of the most outstanding clothing collections that the Tonner Doll Company has ever produced. "Robert Tonner"

I love this gown to bits! It appears to be constructed entirely of white tulle.

The shoes are fabulous as well.
The images posted here are of the actual doll and were taken by George of Angelic Dreamz, Inc.
She is available at his shop for $199. Shipping is free for purchases above $100. You can get there by clicking on the name of the store.


Michelle Obama Inaugural Doll

Is this a picture of the doll or a picture of the real Mrs. Obama? I'm guessing it's mostly a touched up photograph. If this is what the real doll looks like, I'm getting one. She looks like she will start moving at any minute in this picture. The doll is 16" including the stand.

She is from the Danbury Mint and here is the description from the website:

An exquisite, all-porcelain collector doll capturing the very essence of our nation's First Lady.
Our skilled artisans have perfectly replicated Michelle Obama's Inaugural Ball attire down to the very last detail. Her white, one-shouldered chiffon evening dress has been hand-tailored and features all of the touches that made the original gown so spellbinding.
We've also expertly re-created her stunning diamond bangles, drop earrings, and sparkling cocktail ring. The result is an elegant porcelain sculpture that radiates with the First Lady's uncommon strength and beauty.

No mention of the gown's designer, Jason Wu? How do they get away with that?

The doll retails for $149 plus $9 for shipping and handling. The website says the doll is on back order until October 2009. (Are they coming from the same factory as Valia?) That's odd. How did it get on back order if it was just released? I don't think it's even been produced and my guess is that it won't look like the picture at all.

Link to the Danbury Mint


Picture of the Week Award ~ May 31, 2009

Check out this re-styled Cruise Control Vanessa! Jenn in Florida did a great job on her hair. The gown is a dyed version In Full Regalia - Eugenia. Fantastic in every way!

EBay Seller Steals My Signed Photograph!

I'm a little shocked and a lot angry right now. A collector friend just informed me that eBay seller betlasvegas has blatantly stolen a signed and copyrighted image of mine for use in their auctions! What kind of gall (brazen boldness coupled with impudent assurance and insolence) is that?
This person is not new to eBay and knows exactly what he is doing.
As long as this person feels he has the right to broadcast a stolen image, I am going to broadcast that this seller should be boycotted. He is unscrupulous and a thief. I wouldn't buy anything from a seller that went around stealing signed images.

The eBay seller to avoid is betlasvegas.

I have contacted the seller and reported both auctions to eBay.

Rant over.

This is the image.