EBay Seller Steals My Signed Photograph!

I'm a little shocked and a lot angry right now. A collector friend just informed me that eBay seller betlasvegas has blatantly stolen a signed and copyrighted image of mine for use in their auctions! What kind of gall (brazen boldness coupled with impudent assurance and insolence) is that?
This person is not new to eBay and knows exactly what he is doing.
As long as this person feels he has the right to broadcast a stolen image, I am going to broadcast that this seller should be boycotted. He is unscrupulous and a thief. I wouldn't buy anything from a seller that went around stealing signed images.

The eBay seller to avoid is betlasvegas.

I have contacted the seller and reported both auctions to eBay.

Rant over.

This is the image.


  1. hmmm... why couldn't he just take new photos of the item he was selling?

  2. Wow! I've actually bought from this seller in the past! We live in the same state and this was the slowest shipping ever.
    Looks like they are also a thief! Will avoid from now on!

  3. This is unbelievable, thanks for letting us know, I will avoid that seller. I had this happen to me once, a seller not only appropriated the picture but also took my description almost word for word. Ebay did pull the auction and the seller semi-apologized, but I think they were eventually suspended.
    You have a right to be Angry, for sure!!!!

  4. If you want to steal a picture, why would you steal one that so distinctive and one that is signed? At least have the common sense to steal one of the many "Here She is NRFB". Clearly a person of no consience. At least they have good taste.

  5. I saw that Terri and I kept thinking, Isn't that TERRI's Piccy?

    Wow! Wouldn'a thought they'd have done that!

  6. Wanda...if you ever see that again, let me know. That's the only way these people can be straightened out. Thanks, Hon.

  7. I have had dealings with this seller before. Lets just say I would NEVER buy from them again.

  8. Now that is just crazy. Somebody just asked me can they use one of my photos to sell one of their dolls because the pictures they were taking of the doll were not coming out right. I gave them permission because number they asked before posting it!

    I know never to buy from this seller!

  9. This seller sells at the IFDC and at the Barbara Peterson doll shows in Southern California. Her name is Joyce Colvig and her husband is Werner.