Valia Pivoine Haute Doll Exclusive Finally Ships

After a wait of more than 6 months from the expected delivery date, the third Valia has shipped. Valia Pivoine graced the December 2008 cover of Haute Doll magazine as their exclusive retailing for a price of $375 to non-subscribers and $350 for subscribers. Upon the announcement of the delay, another discount was granted in the amount of $50 (to allay the anger).
Touted as having a new, lighter weight, cutting edge resin body with 15 points of articulation and a meticulously crafted outfit, the original promo text said the fashion would come with jewelry; the current text says coordinating accessories.
I have scanned the boards for posts of those who have purchased Pivoine and have found very few. It's quite possible that those who purchased her are not de-boxers. Three or four on the W Club board posted their dissatisfaction with the stringing, weight and feel of the doll. George of Angelic Dreamz posted some photographs of her. I have not seen her redressed and I look forward to that.
There's not enough information to do a valid review but I have had a little fun with her picture and that of the Innoquii™ doll by Superfrock. I see a resemblance between the dolls and have combined their features and created my own exclusive!
First is the actual cover of HD with their exclusive Innoquii.
Here's my spoof. I call my exclusive doll Valia Innoquous. Do you like her?


  1. Hilarious. Here's how old I am, whenever I see that doll I think of the dog on "The Little Rascals."

  2. I ike your Valia better. At least, there is something original about her while I agree with the many collectors saying that she looks like a Silkstone Barbie. Also, the lip color and shape look really cute.