Barbie Exhibition Opens at the Museum of Decorative Dolls in Paris

From the Daily Mail.com 

The article I have linked to above is a must see if only for the photographs of this beautifully curated exhibit. Look carefully at the standing dolls to see how bendable (possibly armature) wire has been used to support the dolls without resorting to unsightly doll stands.

The settings that were built for the exhibit are a diorama lovers dream. Apparently many of the Silkstone dolls have been switched to articulated bodies in order to allow them to sit and pose. One wonders what type of bodies were used and if they had access to the recently released bodies or if they used other bodies.



Andy Warhol Barbie Doll

The Andy Warhol Barbie Doll was released on 3/4/2016. My main interest in purchasing her doll was the t-shirt and her articulated body.

  This is not exactly an attractive face unless you like the 'deer-in-the-headlight' look and cartoonish eyeshadow. If only I had the skills to do a really nice repaint. I like her hair and she poses very well.

The outfit is fairly low end Mattel but the t-shirt is very cute.

The image inside her box is that of Warhol hanging out in his studio.
Below is a brief video of the doll.

Chalk this one up to a possibly useful impulse buy.  Retail at BC.Com $50.